"This is the 40th anniversary reform and opening up, we should sum up experience, to promote the reform and opening up a new breakthrough in the new starting point." "China of reform and opening up, conform to the historical development, people's requirements Chinese to innovation, to a better life, with people all over the world to develop and to live in peace and cooperation, the trend of the times."...... General secretary Xi Jinping in Hainan recently published a series of important speech, to promote the overall look far ahead from a high plane, a new era of reform and opening up China has made important deployment, pointed out the direction. All localities and departments to promote the opening and deepening reform, deepen the reform to promote the expansion of opening up, reform and opening up "double engine" more power surging.

To celebrate the anniversary of reform and opening up 40 Xi to visit a large exhibition

  • The first China International Import Expo officially kicked off
  • Guangzhou: to create a full range of open international metropolis
  • The world's longest cross sea bridge - HZMB
  • Drunk beauty autumn plantation scale in China ranks first in the world
  • Let the beautiful scenery become the future shape of the world
  • Jiangxi Yujiang: "home" to look into the past changes

    Xi Jinping into the Expo keynote speech 52 times on the "open"

    The first China International Import Expo officially kicked off. President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony and delivered a keynote speech. The globalization trend of the speech Chinese judgment, show clear position China active open, clarify the firm moves to further open up the China. The "open" word appears 52 times. [detail]

     40 years of reform mark
    40 years of reform mark

    People's Daily: open mind and embrace the larger world

    The day before, "Chinese (Hainan) overall plan" free trade zone officially announced. The overall scheme of the "global", "large scale" characteristics of bright spots, highlight the "China will not open the door closed, will only be determined more", Hainan comprehensive deepening of reform and opening up into a strong force.

    Even on the overall scheme, caused widespread concern, people began to study the Islands duty-free shopping per capita 30 thousand yuan after the release of new products, which no country can buy buy buy; cancel the new energy automobile manufacturing limited access to foreign capital, how to spend less money to buy more new cars; some is Hainan holiday economy give advice and suggestions, put forward "more routes, season tickets cheaper, sitting on the yacht of Hong Kong and Macao Joan free, better".

    And the other 11 shftz scheme is different, Hainan is the construction of the FTA test area, an area of 35 thousand and 400 square kilometers, is 27 times the other 11 free trade area of the total; development goals from free trade zone extends to the free trade port. This requires Hainan to "the one game" concept, promote the formation of new ideas, new management methods, new breakthroughs in institutional innovation. [detail]

    The reform of mark Zhejiang article

    The reform marks in Fujian

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