Reporter observed: Xi Jinping Expo keynote speech 52 times on the "open"

Zhang Feiran Wang Zhengqi

2018 November 05 13:35 sources: - News Channel

In November 5th, Xi Jinping attended the inaugural China International Import Expo opening ceremony and delivered a keynote speech

"Is interlinked together, with each retreat is closed."

In November 5th, Shanghai Exhibition Center, eight visitors, together.

The first Chinese International Import Expo officially kicked off. President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony and delivered a keynote speech.

The globalization trend of the speech China judgment, show clear position Chinese active open, clarify the firm moves to further open up the Chinese. The "open" word appears 52 times.

The globalization trend of China's judgment

In the face of great changes in the world is experiencing a new round of development and adjustment, Xi Jinping with three "open" judgment of the world situation, pointing out the direction.

"Historically, open cooperation is an important factor to enhance the vitality of the international economic and trade. Based on the practical requirements, open cooperation is to promote the steady recovery of the world economy. In the future, open cooperation is to promote the requirements of the progress of the human society era."

In the current world economy, he pointed out that "open" is a recipe.

"Countries cut barriers, expand opening up, international trade will be able to get through the blood; if the expense of others, isolated international trade will, qi stagnation and blood stasis, the world economy is difficult to healthy development."

He then called for, countries should insist on open not closed, cooperation instead of confrontation, not exclusive to win.

"Countries should adhere to open financing, expand mutually beneficial cooperation in space. Open closed backward bring progress." "Countries should adhere to the open policy orientation, unequivocally oppose protectionism, unilateral, multilateral and bilateral to enhance the level of opening up, promote economic linkage between the common construction of an open world economy." "Countries should promote and build a fair, reasonable and transparent rules of international trade system, promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, promote global economic exchanges and integration, to further open up."

Show China's initiative to open clear position

The world economy, economic globalization and the profound adjustment suffered setbacks based judgment, Xi Jinping in his speech stressed that "Chinese will not open the door closed, only clear position more".

Another embodiment of China International Import Expo is held this position. Xi Jinping said: "China held International Import Expo, is the focus China made a major decision to promote a new round of high-level opening, is a major measure to China active open to the world market. This reflects the China support to the multilateral trading system and promote the consistent position of the development of free trade, China is to promote the construction of an open world economy, support the action of economic globalization."

The expression for the sonorous and forceful guests and the international community to eat the reassurance.

"China will unswervingly pursue a win-win strategy of opening up, the implementation of high level of trade and investment liberalization and facilitation policies, and promote the formation of internal and external linkage, two-way mutual opening pattern. China will always be an important promoter of global open, Chinese will remain stable source of world economic growth, China countries will always be vibrant market expansion opportunities, Chinese will always be a positive contribution to the reform of the global governance!"

China to further open the firm moves

Road to Jane, to work.

In the face of the profound changes in the world economy, Xi Jinping in his speech urged greater courage, actively promote open cooperation and achieve common development, and actively expand many initiatives announced China open:

From a policy perspective, these include "open" to further reduce tariffs, improve customs clearance facilitation; steadily expand the opening of the financial industry, continue to promote the opening of the service industry, deepening the agriculture and mining industry and manufacturing industry to accelerate the process of open, open education, telecommunications, medical, cultural and other fields; the establishment of branch board in Shanghai securities exchange and pilot registration system; accelerate the introduction of foreign investment laws and regulations, in-depth implementation of national treatment before admission plus the negative list management system, protect the legitimate rights and interests of foreign enterprises.

From the national strategic level, these "open" includes support for free trade zone to deepen reform and innovation; accelerate the exploration of the construction of Chinese features free trade port process; adding China Shanghai Free Trade Zone New Area; support the development of regional integration in the Yangtze River Delta and the national strategy, with the "The Belt and Road construction," Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development, the Yangtze River economic belt development, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area construction with each other, improve the Chinese reform open space layout.

- looking at the world, these "open" also continue to promote to build a "The Belt and Road", to jointly sharing, together with relevant countries to promote the construction of major projects, to build more trade promotion platform, encourage more competent and reputable enterprises to carry out China along the country to deepen investment cooperation, ecology, science and culture the people's livelihood, such as international exchanges and cooperation in various fields, provide a platform for global cooperation and opening up.

"Chinese International Import Expo will not only continue to do every year, and run out level, effectiveness, better and better."

When the reform and opening in 40th anniversary, the first International Expo will open Chinese China imports a new round of higher level open a new starting point!

As Xi Jinping said in his speech: "Chinese promote higher levels of opening up is not stagnant! China promote the construction of an open world economy is not stagnant pace! China promote the construction of a common destiny of mankind's footsteps is not stagnant!"

(commissioning editor: Wang Zhengqi)