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Chairman Xi Jinping attended the first International Expo China import documentary

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Turbulent tide of history, there is always a force through the clouds and mist, the mighty.

"China sincerely to all open market, Chinese International Import Expo will not only continue to do every year, and run out level, effectiveness, better and better."

The morning of November 5th, the Shanghai National Convention Center, chairman Xi Jinping in the first China International Import Expo opening ceremony keynote speech. Many countries and regions including leaders and heads of international organizations, more than 1500 guests attend.

Taiwan, 74 year old Czech President Zeman in the front row. Half a year ago, he attended the "The Belt and Road International Cooperation Forum in Beijing. It is during the forum, announced by President Xi Jinping will be held China International Import Expo news. This time, President Zeman led the party nearly 70 enterprises in Czech.

From the push to build "The Belt and Road to actively organized Import Expo, this is China to the world to provide another international public goods.

Big, big, big feelings. President Xi Jinping led the comprehensive deepening of reform and opening up the Chinese, with open arms to the world, together with other countries, mutual benefit and common development and create a new picture.

(a) the east wind

"Please put my songs back to your home, please leave your smile......"

The evening of November 4th, is located in the Huangpu River in Shanghai International Conference Center lights, a car parked car in the building downstairs ambassador. Croatia's prime minister F Rienk Vecchi, Prime Minister of Laos thongloun, Egyptian Prime Minister Mudd Bugli, President Kenyatta of Kenya...... More than ten foreign leaders to attend the Expo has arrived at the inlet. In the lobby, the children on the expression of distinguished guests a warm welcome and sincere innocence song.

At 18:50 PM, conference center seven pearl hall, President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan came to the middle of the guests, shook hands with them, cordial exchanges.

"This is not a general exposition, is a major decision Chinese to promote a new round of high level of opening to the outside world, is a major measure to China active open to the world market." Welcome party chairman Xi Jinping said, straight to the point, the core essence of China's hosting of the expo.

In the banquet hall, melodious music, warm atmosphere. The conference center, the Huangpu River slowly flows, the stars shone in the night.

In spite of the wind and rain, not afraid of countercurrent raging, held the first to import as the theme of the national exhibition in the world, is a reflection of the Chinese leaders extraordinary vision.

Personally, personally initiated and planning deployment, designed personally, personally driven, President Xi Jinping China International Import Expo has poured energy, let outsiders see share opportunities China full sincerity China active open to the world market, with other countries.

More than a year ago, President Xi Jinping issued an invitation to the world on many important occasions, invite all guests Gongxiangshengju --

In May 14, 2017, President Xi Jinping announced in Beijing, "The Belt and Road International Cooperation Forum will be held from 2018 onwards: China Chinese international import expo.

In November 11, 2017, Vietnam, Da Nang, the APEC informal leadership meeting, President Xi Jinping said that from next year, we will hold Chinese International Import Expo, to create a new platform for mutually beneficial cooperation. I believe that the parties will be conducive to better share the development dividend China.

April 10, 2018, Hainan, the Boao forum for Asia, President Xi Jinping pointed out: This is not a general convention, but we take the initiative to open the market of major policy statements and actions. Welcome all friends to participate in.

June 10th, Qingdao, the SCO summit, President Xi Jinping said: Chinese welcome all parties to actively participate in the first China import fair international in November this year will be held in Shanghai.

July 10th, Beijing, China Arab Cooperation Forum Ministerial Meeting, President Xi Jinping said: welcome to Arabia to attend the first national Chinese Chinese Import Expo held in Shanghai in November this year, will be in the next 5 years to achieve Arabia country to participate in the Expo and trade and Investment Fair full coverage.

In July 25th, South Africa, Johannesburg, the BRICs business forum, President Xi Jinping stressed: This is a major measure of trade liberalization, China firmly supports the initiative to open the market to the world, will Chinese market parties into a new platform.

September 3rd, Beijing, China Africa Cooperation Forum summit, President Xi Jinping said: China decided to expand imports of commodities especially non resource products, support African countries to participate in international Chinese import expo.


From chaired the central deep reorganization meeting of the "overall plan" China International Import Expo, to approve "China International Import Expo implementation plan", and has repeatedly stressed in the meeting of the Political Bureau, the President Xi clear instructions to make a stream of International Exposition ", to promote the relevant departments to prepare.

"Show China foreign economic openness, balance of trade protectionism the iconic platform" "China diplomatic agenda this year one of the most important activities of" Expo exhibition area of more than 35 football fields"...... The international media have paid great attention to import expo.

China invited should be gathered.

In 172 countries, regions and international organizations attended the meeting, more than 3600 companies from the five continents of the world's top 500 exhibitors, and to the more than 200 industry leading enterprises, including state-owned enterprises, private enterprises Chinese, domestic and foreign buyers more than 400 thousand people......

We highly appreciate the Import Expo held Chinese, which embodies the concept of win-win cooperation." Vietnamese Prime Minister Ruan Chunfu said.

"Russia in Import Expo enterprises from 40 in many regions, representing more than half of all regions of russia." Russian Prime Minister Medvedev said.

"Although I do not love to travel, but I would have to Chinese." President Zeman said.

There are both old friends, new friends.

President Medina of Dominica, President Salvatore Sanchez, just this year, with Chinese since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the leaders of Latin American countries also led a delegation to come to.

In November 2nd, the Great Hall of the people of Beijing, President Xi Jinping held talks with President Medina, praised him "to establish relations with People's Republic of China's decision to open the strategic vision and strong political will," a decision you made more than 1 billion 300 million friends, a warm welcome Chinese people to you and your delegation".

Heard here, President Medina's smile. In the opinion of President Medina, China to realize their own development, not forgetting to extend cooperation and win-win hand to other countries, this is particularly impressive.

Pakistan's prime minister Imran Khan took office just a couple of months ago. As one of the fair's guest country leaders, Imran Khan in addition to display export products in Pakistan, and look forward to learning from the successful experience in China development, poverty alleviation and corruption etc.. "The hearts of the people in Pakistan, if any country that we feel most trust, it must be Chinese."

"China International Import Expo is Chinese, even on the world." President Xi Jinping has repeatedly expressed Chinese with other countries in the world together and to win the guests praise.

"40 years ago, China began the reform and opening up to the world bridge construction." Listen to the words of President Xi Jinping, President of the International Monetary Fund to Lagarde bridge as a metaphor, as Chinese is building towards prosperity -- evaluation of the bridge, a bridge to the future.

(two) all rivers run into sea

"Chinese economy is a sea, rather than a small pond."

"Wild storms can turn over a small pond, but not over the sea."

"Experienced numerous wild storms, the sea was still there! After 5000 years of difficulties and hardships, China still here! For the future, Chinese will be here forever!"

The morning of November 5th at 9:50 PM, Shanghai International Exhibition Center, chairman Xi Jinping in Chinese International Import Expo opening ceremony keynote speech.

The image of the "sea" theory, a Chinese and Chinese economy that the Chinese firm and indomitable, all rivers run into sea open mind. The guests with warm applause.

Before the opening ceremony, President Xi Jinping specially arranged two activities: A is in the guest hall to welcome foreign leaders come to the meeting and take a photo with them; another is in the shared hall meets with foreign entrepreneurs on behalf of import expo.

"China reform will not stop, China open doors will open wider." President Xi Jinping said that Chinese will continue for the foreign enterprises to invest in China to provide a good environment, welcome enterprises to share development opportunities China.

President Xi Jinping's remarks, let entrepreneurs reassurance.

Enterprise is an important subject of economic and trade cooperation between countries. Imported during the Expo, from Japan, South Korea, the United States, Germany and other countries most exhibitors, is also the largest scale. In the background of unilateralism and protectionism, many industry leading companies eyeing Chinese, will China footsteps towards, add a bright color to the world economic development.

Before the Expo, two sets of data released by the relevant international organizations, to support each other and present situation:

China World Trade Center joint conference report said, the first half of this year China foreign direct investment contrarian growth of 6%, a total of more than $70 billion, becoming the world's largest foreign direct investment into the country;

The World Bank report said, Chinese for small and medium enterprises to improve the business environment to implement the reform of the number of record in the past year, the global ranking from the previous period of Seventy-eighth jumped to forty-sixth place, China reforms in related fields "amazing fast and effective".

International media attention to the import fair, the United States has nearly 180 exhibitors, the number of participating countries ranked in third place, many enterprises are by the company executives personally led the participants. China markets and Import Expo on corporate America's appeal is self-evident.

The "Wall Street journal" in an article in a long list of participating U.S. companies list: Google, Boeing, Caterpillar, Facebook, GM, Honeywell, Tesla, qualcomm. As the last Chinese huge production capacity to pull the world economy, the future will be in the same China huge demand to promote world economic growth."

International observers have pointed out that China in most areas, or is already the world's largest market, or is becoming the world's largest market, no company can afford not to enter the market China the consequences of this world.

"Import" continuous excitation potential "relax market access" to create a world-class business environment "and" create opening new heights "to promote the further development of bilateral and multilateral cooperation"...... President Xi Jinping clearly put forward a series of measures to further expand Chinese open, internal logic to the Chinese market and the world market closely linked, inject more confidence to the world economic development.

The Gates foundation co chairman Bill Gate with "exciting" evaluation of President Xi Jinping's speech, "in today's complex international environment, Chinese openness and tolerance and mutual benefit and win-win spirit which is significant to strengthen the cooperation with other countries".

President Xi Jinping once pointed out, grasp the international situation to establish a correct view of history, the overall view, role view.

End up the history of the telescope, in order to review the past and summarizing the history, look to the future, to grasp the trend of historical progress. Take the initiative to expand imports, is not a matter of expediency, but a long-term thinking about the world and the future, for common development.

Import Expo held, create new opportunities for the development of the world, bring new progress for the development of Chinese.

Hold the Import Expo, to meet the needs of the people a better life at the same time, through the import of high quality, "forced" and to promote the supply side China its structural reform.

Import Expo held, promote the balanced development of trade, promote trading power to trade power forward.

Expand opening up in deepening reform, expanding in the further deepening of reform and opening up.

During the present Import Expo, President Xi Jinping twice about Shanghai

In the 11 month 4 welcome banquet of the evening, President Xi Jinping said this seat he once worked in the city: "four seas, people gather all the nations; civilization, colorful and diverse."

In a speech at the opening ceremony, President Xi Jinping said: "Shanghai backed by the Yangtze River, facing the Pacific Ocean, long lead Chinese openness."

"Open, innovative, inclusive of Shanghai has become the most distinctive character. This character is a vivid portrayal of the progress of the development of the new era Chinese."

A detail design implication long welcoming banquet: strip of the central table, a more than 20 meters long blue LCD screen, like a flowing river bay, reflects the profound changes of 40 years of reform and opening up to the city.

Shanghai story, the story is about Chinese.

40 years of reform and opening up, Shanghai witnessed China to the pace of the world, also recorded the world into Chinese process.

The keynote speech, President Xi Jinping also announced the creation of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone New District and a series of major initiatives, in order to better play an important role in the Chinese opening in Shanghai area.

"China will always be an important promoter of global open, China will remain stable source of world economic growth, China countries will always be vibrant market expansion opportunities, Chinese will always be a positive contribution to the reform of the global governance!" President Xi Jinping at the opening ceremony of the discourse spread all over the world extremely elegant and valuable.

(three) road trip

One and a half hours, the 4 field of multilateral activities, 7 bilateral meetings, President Xi Jinping will Bo into a hectic time exception.

November 5th at noon in the Import Expo after the opening ceremony, President Xi Jinping and the foreign leaders to step into the national trade and investment exhibition hall, the museum tour together.

The UK, Hungary, Egypt, El Salvador, Dominica, Czechoslovakia, Kenyan, Laos, Vietnam, Russia, Georgia, pakistani...... A pavilion is a national development platform to share their ideas.

In the Czech Museum, Zeman's Czech piano song, and invited President Xi Jinping to taste Czech beer; Georgian Prime Minister Bach Kobita Ze and Vietnamese Prime Minister Ruan Chunfu personally to President Xi Jinping to promote their agricultural products and tourism projects; Laos Museum in the old railway project sand table and Pakistan Museum of Pakistan Economic Corridor panels respectively show the old, Pakistan to build a "The Belt and Road" and realize common development vision......

President Xi Jinping watched with interest, do not ask when to participate in the China, expressed the hope that all parties to International Import Expo as an opportunity to find business opportunities, strengthen cooperation, improve their own competitiveness, through exports of high-quality products, rich Chinese market, to meet the diverse needs of the growing China consumers, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

"100200300......" In Chinese Museum innovation development unit, President Xi Jinping invited the Prime Minister of Laos thongloun, Vietnamese Prime Minister Ruan Chunfu holding the revival of high iron tank driving simulation experience, experience in high speed 350 kilometers per hour speeding caused by visual and auditory impact. Russian Prime Minister Medvedev repeatedly praised the "too fast".

"We are in the car." President Xi Jinping's humor, bring laughter.

Stop, experience, interaction, communication, content rich exhibition for world leaders to linger, the museum tour time is beyond the original plan.

A detail intriguing: during the Import Expo, China specially invited 35 to least developed countries to participate in enterprises. With the help of the Expo, and businesses in these countries to display their special products: coffee from Ethiopia, Zambia honey, Gambia's ethnic costumes, handicrafts of southern Sultan......

China with practical action to support the least developed countries to share China market opportunities, participation in economic globalization, to promote the construction of an open world economy.

"Further development in the economic globalization, law of the jungle, the winner is a narrower alley, inclusive, win-win is the more inclusive wider human right." In the current international situation, President Xi Jinping at the opening ceremony of the more widely accepted meaning, won the distinguished guests.

Shanghai National Convention Center, a giant "clover", as a global village, the participating countries closer together. At Chinese International Import Expo, but also reflects the common destiny of humanity China construction to make unremitting efforts to promote.

"Chinese promote higher levels of opening up is not stagnant! China promote the construction of an open world economy is not stagnant pace! China promote the construction of a common destiny of mankind's footsteps is not stagnant!" President Xi Jinping's voice sonorous and forceful in people's ears echoed.

A month ago, Kenya President Kenyatta just attended the Forum on China Africa Cooperation summit in Beijing. A month later, he came to China again make light of travelling a thousand li, for cooperation.

"These years you firmly push forward the" The Belt and Road 'and in the construction of non cooperation forum, efforts to achieve economic cooperation and win-win, the import fair means has taken new steps." President Kenyatta meets with President Xi Jinping said in his.

In the opinion of President Salvatore Sanchez, "The Belt and Road" initiative as we look at the relationship between countries provides a new perspective, but also provides a new perspective for us to deal with global challenges".

This is fixed in the history of a significant scene: Shanghai National Convention Center Yingbin hall, President Xi Jinping Fang Binpeng with eight, behind the huge painting of the "Spring Green River Nanan" -- very eye-catching

The east wind, with verdant mountain.

(Xinhua news agency, Shanghai in November 6, reporter Jiang Wei, Chen Erhou, Li Zhongfa, Liu Hua, Zhao Chao)

"People's Daily" (2018 07 November 01 Edition)

(Cao Kun Chang, commissioning editor: Malaysia)