In October this year, the national fire brigade dispatched rescue of millions of people, more than ten million people

So before the fire guard in danger

Newspaper reporter Zhang Yang Wei Zhezhe

In November 2018 09, 04:46 source: People's daily

"Safe" two words a thousand pounds. 11 month, the national fire protection publicity activities around the start, being carried out various forms of publicity and education activities. Reporters from the Department of emergency management, Fire Rescue Bureau: 1 - 10 months, the country reported a total of 19.75 million dead fire, 1082, injury 693, direct property loss of 25.09 billion yuan, compared with the same period last year, down 17.2%, 1.9%, 1.4% and 15.9% respectively.

For fire drills, emergency rescue, fire and other social situation, the reporter recently went to Shanxi, Zhejiang and other places to carry out the interview.

In practice, usually used in wartime, based on the fires, grab big risk, save big disaster

With 72 meters high fountain of water spray fire engine implementation "fire", a rainbow across the ancient sky......

The morning of November 4th, Shanxi province Datong Fire detachment zone of large-scale exercises staged at the Millennium Temple Huayan temple. From the city fire brigade 3 squadron officers and grass-roots units of cultural relics protection staff a total of more than 40 people to participate in the exercise.

In the usual practice, in wartime. Local fire departments based on the fires, grab big risk, save big disaster, continue to strengthen the solid strength, and constantly improve the emergency response, experts think tanks, communications security, supplies the deployment of work mechanism, efforts to win all kinds of emergency rescue battle.

"Our mission is to conduct more high-rise underground, natural disasters, victims of search and rescue operations." Hangzhou province Zhejiang city fire brigade secret squadron commander Cheng Ben engaged in fire protection work for 20 years, and have been accustomed to dealing with "dangerous".

Have a year of winter, people climbed to the highest point of the impulse of a 100 meters tall building. "We climbed up to save him with more than 40 minutes, down more dangerous. A fireman pulled him below, another person to hold his hand, once the grasp is not firm, is also facing a dangerous fire." This recalls, "the most dangerous place, and we are the fist. Although it is possible to accidents, but the working day, responsibility is to rescue." According to the Department of emergency management, statistics, this year 1 to 10 months, the national fire brigade alarm dispatched a total of 99 million, 1081.8 million players dispatched, rescue personnel trapped 12.8 million people, rescue protection of property value of 280 billion yuan.

Where there is hidden danger rectification where construction of emergency rescue system

In recent years, local fire departments carry out the high-rise building electrical fire, fire safety comprehensive management, focus on the winter and summer special fire prevention and control work, a large commercial complex such as special treatment, always maintain a thorough investigation, strict pressure. Prevention is not "burning", where there is danger, is where the rectification.

Mount Wutai ancient temples are numerous, mostly built and built, the location of the steep, fire difficult, fire work become a priority among priorities. In Mount Wutai, you can see all kinds of fire fighting equipment, fire safety tips heard. According to the Shanxi city of Xinzhou province Mount Wutai fire squadron deputy commander Wang Qi, every important Buddhist activities, to defend the fire squadron duty, in the outside of the temple incense edge of a guard is a day and night.

This year 9 months, emergency management department, the Ministry of culture and tourism, the State Bureau of cultural relics and cultural relics museum jointly deployed to carry out fire safety inspection, rectification and eliminate fire hazards, and resolutely prevent serious fire accidents. As of now, the emergency management department of Fire Rescue Bureau has organized the 5000 National Museum of 4300, at the national key cultural relics protection units, as well as other 40 million units of cultural relics "screening" investigation, "list" governance.

In order to maintain the safety of life and property of the people, the fire department continued to promote the "smart fire" construction, the 330 city by establishing fire remote Monitor System networking technology, to promote the installation of independent type smoke fire detection alarm more than 450. At the same time, vigorously promote the construction of various forms of fire team, built the key unit of fire station 424 thousand, a micro micro community fire station 79 thousand, the initial formation of the fire rescue team as the main body, with full-time fire brigade and the fire station to supplement the micro integrated emergency rescue system.

The practice has proved that only give full play to the main role of the masses, improve the enthusiasm of the masses, to fire more full of vitality and vigor." Department of emergency management, Fire Rescue Bureau, Fire Rescue Bureau to implement the "national fire action" large-scale public welfare plan, organization of the industry a total of more than 200 people speak promote fire safety knowledge, the 96 thousand schools more than 9000 students accepted the fire safety education and training. Organizations at all levels of micro-blog, WeChat released the official fire fire safety knowledge, message 1 billion 700 million times, to let more people pay attention to the fire, fire.

"People's Daily" (2018 09 November 14 Edition)
(Cao Kun Chang, commissioning editor: Malaysia)