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The first Hainan Island International Film Festival press conference.

"In December 9th, Hainan, Sanya, Be There Or Be Square!" The Hainan Island International Film Festival held the first press conference in Hainan before the Boao Film Festival, sure will be held in Hainan city in Sanya province in from December 9th to 16th. The film festival will highlight the "new development model of annual screenings, island screenings, universal viewing, whole industry chain, to create an international, academic, the masses of the never-ending International Film festival.

"This is the reform and opening up of 40th anniversary, is the Hainan Special Economic Zone 30th anniversary, held a major film festivals in this particular time node, is conducive to further expand opening up, promote the Hainan foreign cultural exchanges, is conducive to the local Hainan culture industry development, but also conducive to promoting the construction of Hainan international tourism center. At the same time, the film's charm, very appealing, the Hainan Island International Film Festival will enhance Chinese and the peoples of the world exchanges, promote the development and prosperity of the Chinese movie culture." Vice governor of Hainan province Wang Lu said at the press conference.


Promote the people connected by the movie

In the past, people come to Hainan to see the scenery, enjoy the sunshine, air, beaches and rich products; the future, people come to Hainan, will have the opportunity to enjoy the cinema from around the world, a chance to experience and movie rides. The Hainan Island International Film Festival will push Hainan Island into an international movie Island, also let people have more expectations and imagination of Hainan.

Talking about the new ideas and founded the film festival the opportunity, the Hainan provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department Deputy Secretary, director of the film Bureau of Hainan Island Province, the International Film Festival Organizing Committee Secretary General Fu Xuanguo said, "" the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Hainan to support the comprehensive deepening of reform and opening up the guidance "(hereinafter referred to as the" opinions "), held in Hainan in support of International Expo and international film festival. Hainan province attaches great importance to the film festival, has been listed as one of the Hainan provincial government, the construction of free trade zone and China features free trade port 12 pilot project."

The Hainan Island International Film Festival will foster Hainan free trade zone and China characteristics of free trade in Hong Kong Film consumption of new formats, new hot spots, make Hainan become the viewing exhibition and international culture and art of mutual learning and mutual appreciation of place. "The festival, the equivalent of Hainan's tourism industry" icing on the cake. "." Hongkong Film Awards honorary president Manfred Wong said.

At the same time, the Hainan Island International Film Festival will make full use of the free trade zone policy advantages, efforts to create an international film exchange, cooperation and trading platform, promote the film and television creative, copyright and other international exchanges and cooperation, promote the Hainan film industry internationalization, scale; construction of the international film production base, promote joint development of Hainan film and television industry. To explore a route with existing differences in the development of international film festival. The film festival will further introduce famous film festival held enterprises, invite movie celebrities to participate, in accordance with professional, market-oriented and international standards and principles to build influential and well-known international film festival.

Vice president of Beijing Film Academy Yu Jianhong said: "we don't just want to do a film festival, the future also need to create a series of related industries, continue to extend the industrial services, improving the film industry of the whole industry chain."

The essence of film is telling a good story. Follow the pace of Chinese open to the world, the Hainan Island International Film Festival dedicated to the world to tell a good story, China China voice communication. According to reports, the Hainan Island International Film Festival in culture and art, the perspective of the film to show the world Chinese to further expand opening up a new pattern, and development of the concept of harmony and tolerance of differences.

"Through the medium of film, the world culture, scenery and human values can communicate and learn from each other, the film took the heart and the heart of people of all countries closer together." Wang Lu said.

The art market and boost docking

It is reported that the Hainan Island International Film Festival is an island Global Film Festival, take free screenings, and gradually realize the excellent films in different seasons, theme, national and regional screenings, and promote the development of film financing, film derivative products and related industrial chain extension and development, in order to achieve the annual screenings, island screenings, universal viewing the whole industry chain, "" four "target.

The festival is a core part of the film festival, the film screenings single directly determines the level and height of film festival. Hainan Province Federation President Sun Su introduction, the Hainan Island International Film Festival will be selected from 30 countries and regions about 100 films, focusing on screening in Sanya's Yalong Bay, Haitang Bay Regional theater.

According to Hainan Island's unique geographical environment and climate, the Hainan Island International Film Festival film unit set a variety of 7 parts including the Cape, international VR, silent classic music. In the silent classic music unit for example, the festival organizing committee will invite outstanding musicians at home and abroad together for the last century, the 20s and 30s classic silent film re soundtrack, and the scene in the film played at the same time bring visual feast for the audience.

"Imagine the sea breeze blowing across the face, spray a whisper in my ear, at the foot of the soft white sand, clear Coconut Juice Qin heart spleen, in a situation like this to open a movie about, indescribably happy." After a conference site fans heard Film Festival will set the beach theater link, excitedly imagining.

The main competition is the first International Film Festival Awards every effort to create. It is understood that the Hainan Island International Film Festival this link is also in accordance with international practice to do the corresponding design, the innovation and development and on the basis of.

In addition, the festival is dedicated to local filmmakers launched the "Hainan new power unit, designed to support Hainan local creation, promote the development of the film industry in Hainan. At present, the unit is in public.

Manfred Wong said: "the quality of participating film is very important to the film festival, only by constantly improving the gold content of the film, in order to attract more world famous movie people."

At the Hainan Island International Film Festival on the balance of the art market and the end of each. In order to promote the China film cooperation on downstream industries, Film Festival will be held Chinese film market film promotion and the national shooting spots promotion exhibition. Chairman of the white Hainan Island International Film Festival Limited Moodie said, the festival organizing committee will be invited to the national box office of the top 1000 theater manager and the person in charge, with 2019 coming to the spring and Spring Festival stalls stalls film producer across the negotiation and communication.

The festival will be organized by the International Film Forum, International Film Festival chairman of the forum and a series of theme of the forum, gather wisdom and strength of film artists, production organizations in different areas, to promote the development of the film industry Chinese.

Create a new name card of Hainan culture

Festival is a systems engineering, needs to gather all forces to jointly promote the. As the main place off the Hainan Island International Film Festival this year, the city of Sanya has been fully prepared. Sanya City People's government deputy mayor Xie Qinglin said that the city will fully protect the film festival activities held successfully.

Sanya to strengthen environmental governance in the whole city, showing a more comfortable and pleasant, pleasing to Sanya in front of people to protect the global film; Film Festival guests of the hotel and food safety, enhance the city's capacity, guarantee the festival guests travel and activities smoothly; to strengthen security measures. In order to protect the festival activities in the controllable range; launched the city's propaganda resources and power in promoting the film festival publicity work.

In the aspect of hardware security, Hainan province to support the introduction of relevant policies, accelerate the pace of construction of the theater hall. At the same time, Hainan province has started construction in Hainan Province, the province's movie monitoring platform, theater, auditorium all-round monitoring. With the continuous improvement of the hardware facilities, the festival will have more powerful hardware foundation.

The festival is closely integrated with the public, in order to achieve a deeper and wider social benefits. The film festival will launch a film festival ambassador and the aggregation of global industry elite, the poverty alleviation action, folk songs Star Star Charity Dinner and other activities to promote the attention to global issues, highlighting the humane care to pass out of the film festival.

It is reported that this year's Hainan Island International Film Festival for the love of AIDS "charity dinner will be invited to the national film industry colleagues as well as part of the national ambassador and other important guests to participate in, to create the global AIDS prevention and control of high specification, international charity activities.

The film base, shooting across scene will focus for all studios and the majority of visitors to scenic spots and promotion, for some poor areas of shooting scene booth, Film Festival Organizing Committee will give support and promotion for free.

"After several years of hope, the Hainan Island International Film Festival can become a component, witness the history of the film festival, Hainan has become a new cultural name card"." Manfred Wong said.

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