Xinjiang industrial poverty boost farmers and herdsmen out of the way to get rich"

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China News Agency, Urumqi 8 November Xinhua: Xinjiang industrial poverty boost farmers and herdsmen out of the way to get rich"

Author Geng Dandan Li Rong

8, Xinjiang Luopu County Lu Xiang Dun Zi Ke Cun Iman library to sun Tourre are busy taking care of the newly hatched small dove, half a year ago, he was doing odd jobs from a farmer to become dove breeder. "Now every month fixed wage."

Iman Tulson's dove farm belongs to Luopu county poverty alleviation precise farming science and technology demonstration project pigeon. In the enterprise driven by multi Lu Xiang in 6 poor villages in the depth of 1 dove established farming cooperatives, cooperatives introduction of dove culture is a full set of automated production equipment, advanced production line of pigeon industry, and attract more than 40 poor households employment.

Since this year, Xinjiang through the "rich first help, help, help the Xinjiang corps", concentrated force to the poverty alleviation industry, aquaculture, fruit, clothing, tourism and other industrial projects "blossom everywhere". Around the continued promotion of "satellite factory" "the people's livelihood square, poverty alleviation workshop mode of employment, improve employment stability, industrial poverty alleviation precise effectiveness significantly.

According to the the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Department of Finance for Dun Zi to library grams Village first secretary, team leader Zhang Yanhui introduced dove farming cooperatives to take "industrial mode of operation of large farming cooperatives + + poor households, poverty alleviation funds will quantify according to poor households, the village collective, unemployed members, incentive funds. "Household can be expected by the end of 2018 bonus 2000 yuan (RMB, same below)."

Iman Tulson told reporters, never thought that dove can rely on to raise money. Now, he took his wife to work here, two of the monthly salary of 5500 yuan. "I want to learn technology, after he raised dove."

In addition to pigeon breeding industry, the industry of edible fungus in the village has become the main direction of industrial poverty alleviation. Zhang Yanhui said that at present, there are storage room in the carefully cultivated bacteria package complete storage, next year the warmer weather, will be distributed to local farmers. "The 10 planting base is under construction, is expected in the future will lead to poor households annual income of 4000 yuan."

Zhang Yanhui told reporters that the development of the industry, is the poor blood transfusion function into hematopoietic capacity. At present, pigeon breeding and edible fungus industry anti-poverty model, Lop county is fully open, is expected to be driven by the more than 10 thousand poor households filing riser, poverty continued to increase.

Xinjiang human resources and social security department data show that as of the end of October, Xinjiang has organized participatory poverty transfer labor force of 82 thousand people, more than 6 months of signing the labor contract 75 thousand, stable employment rate of 92%.

In addition to industrial poverty, southern Xinjiang also vigorously develop courtyard economy, through the vegetable and fruit cultivation and livestock farming, mining rich new channels.

In Anhui province to support the construction of the project to resettle Xinjiang Pishan County, Anhui and village, Abdukeum Abrams of greenhouse vegetables, tomatoes and peppers are ripe. After the technical guidance for half a year, Abdukeum Abrass began in July of this year to grow their own vegetables.

Abdukeum Abrass told reporters, in December of last year, he and other more than 590 households, poor households filing riser through easy to move to a new home. "In addition to the 80 square meters of buildings, I also divided into a housing and a greenhouse, I transfer to the enterprise, the end of the year there are 2300 yuan of dividends."

Today, Abdukeum Abrass not only learned the vegetable planting technology, also opened a repair shop. Not long ago, he added a small truck with money. "I would also like to increase the greenhouse vegetables, vegetables to make money to go around the town."

It is reported that in the future, Xinjiang will continue to promote the implementation of the four southern states three years 100 thousand of the depth of poverty population and employment plan, through the enterprise, the park's "satellite factory" and "poverty alleviation workshop" and other ways of employment, realize the poor out of poverty. (end)

(Yuan Bo Chang, commissioning editor: Malaysia)