Li Keqiang will visit Singapore and attend the East Asia Cooperation Summit

The Ministry of foreign affairs and foreign media briefing held on the situation

11 month 2018 years 09 days from 04:28: People's daily

Beijing newspaper (reporter Zhang Huizhong) in November 8, the Ministry of foreign affairs 8, Premier Li Keqiang on an official visit to Singapore and attend the East Asia Cooperation summit held a media briefing, Assistant Foreign Minister Daniel Chan introduced the situation and answered reporters' questions.

Daniel Chan said that Singapore should the invitation of Premier Li Xianlong, Prime Minister Li Keqiang in from November 12th to 16th an official visit to Singapore and attend the twenty-first China ASEAN (10+1) summit, the twenty-first ASEAN (10+3) summit and the thirteenth East Asia summit.

A visit to Singapore

Daniel Chan said that Singapore is an important neighbor of the surrounding Chinese, as ASEAN's rotating presidency this year. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, bilateral relations have made great progress. President Xi Jinping 2015 of Singapore during the visit, the two countries have established a comprehensive cooperative partnership with. At present, the new relations have maintained good momentum of development, with frequent high-level exchanges, fruitful pragmatic cooperation, to build a "The Belt and Road" become a major opportunity for the development of bilateral relations and cooperation. This visit will be China premier again after a lapse of 11 years to visit the new prime minister Li Keqiang, is also the first official visit to New Zealand, which is of great significance to promote the development of bilateral relations.

Premier Li Keqiang will review and new party leaders and summarize the successful experience of the development of bilateral relations, planning and deployment of bilateral pragmatic cooperation, focusing on promoting the "The Belt and Road" innovation, cooperation, and exchange views on regional cooperation, the multilateral trading system and the important problem of common concern. The two sides will jointly issued a joint statement between the two governments, reflecting the outcome of this visit and consensus. The leaders of the two countries will also witness the signing of trade, finance and other areas of a series of cooperation documents.

Second, with regard to attend the leaders' meeting of East Asia cooperation

Daniel Chan pointed out that this year is the 15 anniversary of the establishment of strategic partnership between China ASEAN and ASEAN China innovation. In the face of unilateralism, protectionist headwinds, countries committed to actively promote regional cooperation, the steady development of Chinese ASEAN cooperation, the trilateral cooperation to restart negotiations regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement speed. The stabilization of the situation in the South China Sea has slowed down. At the same time, facing the impact of international rules and order, prominent non-traditional security threats, the surrounding situation in the unstable and uncertain factors are increasing.

China is looking forward to the series of meetings this year focus on East Asia, the focus of cooperation, and jointly safeguard multilateralism, maintain free trade, the maintenance of international rules, promote regional economic integration, to make a positive contribution to regional peace, stability and development. Premier Li Keqiang will introduce China's policies on East Asia cooperation, more than 30 new initiatives to deepen pragmatic cooperation in various mechanism, promote the upgrading of China ASEAN cooperation and quality, promote the East Asian cooperation to a new level.

On the 10+1 summit, Daniel Chan said that China has always regarded ASEAN as a priority direction of diplomacy, support ASEAN community building, support ASEAN's centrality in East Asian regional cooperation, support ASEAN to play a greater role in international and regional affairs. At present, Chinese ASEAN cooperation has entered the mature stage from growing period. China is looking forward to the meeting: "Chinese ASEAN strategic partnership in 2030" vision, planning China ASEAN Relations and cooperation in the future development, is willing to promote the "The Belt and Road" initiative with ASEAN Development Planning in-depth docking, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation, is willing to actively support and participate in the ASEAN wisdom city network construction. The two sides will be published in science and technology innovation cooperation declaration, established in 2019 for Chinese ASEAN media exchanges, and more cooperation projects.

On the meeting of 10+3 leaders, Daniel Chan said, as the main channel of 10+3 cooperation in East Asia, the formation of a comprehensive, wide-ranging, multi-level cooperation, expanding influence. This year, 10+3 cooperation is facing favorable development opportunities. The trilateral cooperation to regain positive momentum, to improve Sino Japanese and Sino Korean relations, a new impetus for the development of 10+3. China this year is the co chair of the 10+3 cooperation, look forward to working with all parties to jointly promote the further development of 10+3 cooperation, to play a greater role in regional economic integration. China is willing to work with all parties to discuss the construction of the East Asian economic community vision and advancing path, to further strengthen financial cooperation, improve the effectiveness and practicability of the Chiang Mai initiative Multilateralisation, deepen the culture, education, youth and other areas of cooperation.

On the East Asia Summit, Daniel Chan said that the East Asia Summit as a strategic forum leader, is an important platform for the parties to discuss major strategic issues, to carry out pragmatic cooperation. China hopes the summit on economic social and political security balance development, strategic communication and pragmatic cooperation overall, expect the parties to enhance mutual trust and consensus, focus, the focus of cooperation in East asia. China is willing to work with all parties to continue to strengthen cooperation in 6 key areas, will announce more cooperation projects in the energy and natural resources, earth science and other fields, the East Asia Summit to make greater contribution to regional peace, development and prosperity.

"People's Daily" (09 November 2018 03 Edition)
(Cao Kun Chang, commissioning editor: Malaysia)