Certainly, firmly grasp the correct direction of the world economy

-- Speech at the twenty G20 meeting on the first stage
(two, November 30th 18, Buenos Aires)

People's Republic of China President Xi Jinping

In December 2018 01, 06:05 source: 138479.xyz: People's daily

Dear President Kerrey ma,

Dear colleagues:

This is the 10th anniversary international financial crisis, but also the leaders of the group of twenty summit 10th anniversary. Although the whole world economy to maintain growth, but the crisis of the deep impact of economic growth have not been eliminated, and energy transfer has not been completed, accelerate the accumulation of various types of risk. A new round of technological revolution and the industrial revolution caused profound changes, the gap between the rich and the increasing pressure of social contradictions. The world economy is once again facing historic choice.

"Learning from history, one can know." The group of twenty nations to grasp the law from the historical trend, leading the direction. The progress of human development tide rolling forward, the world economy has ups and downs, but the trend towards integration of the countries to open, no change. The industrial chain, value chain, supply chain extension and expansion, driven by the global flow of production factors, help billions of people out of poverty. Mutual cooperation, complementary advantages is the objective requirement of the development of productive forces, but also represents the direction of the evolution of relations of production. In this process, countries gradually formed a community of interests and responsibility, the fate of the community. No matter the future is sunny rain, cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win is the only correct choice. This is due to the economic law, is also in line with the historical logic of the development of human society. In the face of challenges, we must enhance the sense of urgency, we must maintain a rational, long-term perspective, a responsible attitude to grasp the direction of world economy.

Keep the common needs of the stable development of world economy gave birth to the group of twenty nations. In 10 years, we Lu, concentric force pull together in times of trouble, move the world economy out of recession, embarked on a recovery growth track. 10 years later, once again we should have the courage to show the strategic vision, leading the world economy forward along the right track.

First, openness and cooperation, uphold the multilateral trading system. 5 years ago, the first time I attended the G20 summit, jointly called for the maintenance and construction of an open world economy. Now, this task more urgent. Members of the group of twenty between the average monthly new trade restrictions more than doubled in the first half of 2018, the global goods trade volume growth is likely to decline 0.3%. We should firmly maintain free trade and rules based multilateral trading system. China supports necessary reform of the world trade organization, the key is to maintain an open, inclusive and non discrimination in the world trade organization core values and basic principles of security interests and policy space of developing countries. All parties should adhere to the extensive consultations, gradual advance, not to engage in "What I say goes".

Secondly, adhere to the spirit of partnership, strengthen macroeconomic policy coordination. The spirit of partnership is the most valuable asset of the group of twenty. No matter what difficulties, the twenty members of the group should unite to overcome the difficulties. All parties should adhere to the fiscal and monetary and structural reforms "three-in-one" policy tools to promote world economy is strong, balanced, sustainable and inclusive growth. To strengthen policy coordination, which is the objective needs of the world economic growth, but also the major economies should take responsibility. The developed economies take monetary and fiscal policy, should pay more attention and efforts to reduce the impact of emerging markets and developing countries. The International Monetary Fund 15 general review of quotas should be completed on schedule, the international monetary system should continue toward diversified direction, to build a global financial safety net more firm.

Third, adhere to lead innovation, mining power of economic growth. The world economy is represent the general trend of digital transformation of the industrial revolution, will profoundly reshape society. We should encourage innovation, promote the integration of the digital economy and the depth of the real economy, will bring more attention to the application of new technology risks and challenges, strengthen the system and legal system construction, the importance of education and job training. We should be based on their own development, to fully exploit the potential of innovation, but also to open the door, to encourage new technology and knowledge dissemination, make innovation benefit more countries and peoples. In order to better lead and adapt to technological innovation, the group of twenty nations will recommend new technology and its application effect "as the research priorities, to explore cooperation ideas and initiatives.

Fourth, adhere to the inclusive win-win situation, to promote global inclusive development. Many of the problems facing the world today, and the development of related problems after all. The development is to realize the strong support of the fair. We should adhere to the people-centered development thought, people will gain a sense of happiness and sense of security as a starting point and end point. We should continue to make development in a prominent position of the global macroeconomic policy coordination, the implementation of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development, provide strong support for the relevant work within the framework of the United nations. To safeguard the interests and the development space of developing countries, support the world economy truly fair development. We will continue to support Africa's development, to help Africa to strengthen the construction of infrastructure and interconnection, promoting new industrialization process.

Dear colleagues!

This is the 40 China anniversary of reform and opening up. In 40 years, with the support of the international community, China people through unremitting efforts, has made historic achievements. Since the international financial crisis, China economic contribution to world economic growth rate of over 30%. China resolved to poverty reduction in the end, 2020 years to completely eliminate absolute poverty standards, the goal will be achieved. China benefited from the reform and opening up, China will unswervingly go along this road. Not long ago, Chinese successfully held the first International Import Expo, won widespread international acclaim. China will continue to deepen the market-oriented reform, protection of property rights and intellectual property rights, encourage fair competition, actively expand imports. In the future, we will host the International Expo Chinese imported each year, further open the market to the world Chinese. In the world bank's new "business environment report", China ranked 32 increase over the previous year. We will continue to make unremitting efforts toward this direction. China hopes that all countries to create an international economic environment free, open, inclusive and orderly together.

Thank you.

(Xinhua news agency, Buenos Aires, June 11 30)

"People's Daily" (01 December 2018 02 Edition)

(commissioning editor: Yuan Bo)