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Chairman Xi Jinping attended the documentary G20 summit 13

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The vast fields across the Eurasian continent, the Atlantic through the mighty water, across the Amazonian jungle, through a cloud over the pampas. The evening of November 29th, Xia Buenos Aires sky, Xi Jinping chairman of the plane getting closer.

Buenos Aires airport, a plane from all sides, the silver body on the side of the flag, the leaders of the group of twenty Summit for the first time landing in South America, together representing the world's major economies leaders of the world's population, 2/3 nearly 90% of GDP, brought together thousands of spotlights.

People expect, the global temperature rise and with the ups and downs of the summit venue.

The world is so eager to listen to Chinese.

The clouds and fog, listen to the beginning of the heart

For 10 years.

That year the historical events engraved in the history of the world economy. Originated from the Wall Street financial storm in the world tempestuous waves of global financial governance mechanism, then encountered serious difficulties.

When the first meeting of the group of twenty leaders in 2008, their mission is to save the world economy in the hundreds of years of the most serious international financial crisis, this task was considered to be desperate, but later proved the success of the summit.

At present, the world economic slowdown, eliminate the deep impact of the international financial crisis has not yet, protectionism, unilateral rise, increasing the risk of challenge. The deficit of global governance become impossible to ignore.

Summit host Argentina President Macri invited President Xi Jinping to speak first. "President Xi Jinping and China weighty, prestige and representative such." Argentina explains this arrangement intention.

President Xi Jinping said in his speech: "the world economy is once again facing historic choice."

Before the historic choice, needs historical judgment and decisiveness. The quiet can hear the rustle of pen across the paper, inside and outside the venue, many eyes focus on President Xi Jinping's body.

Grasp the direction from the historical trend, President Xi Jinping said: "for 10 years, we Lu, concentric force pull together in times of trouble, move the world economy out of recession, embarked on a recovery growth track. 10 years later, once again we should have the courage to show the strategic vision, leading the world economy forward along the right track."

"5 years ago, the first time I attended the leaders of the group of twenty summit, jointly called for the maintenance and construction of an open world economy." Over the past 5 years, China voice down, firm as ever. On the international stage, chairman Xi Jinping once likened to "protectionism will put himself into the dark room", also called for "open window", "fresh air to come in". A long lasting appeal once more to inspire the world, also corroborated the Chinese role of the times of economic globalization -- is always committed to upholding and active practitioner.

With the potential of today, into the significance and value of the extraordinary for president Xi Jinping on the Buenos ayres.

President Xi Jinping talked about the four points to lead the world economy forward along the right track: "openness and cooperation, uphold the multilateral trading system" and "adhere to the spirit of partnership, strengthen macroeconomic policy coordination, adhere to lead innovation, mining economic growth momentum" to promote global development and win-win inclusive, inclusive".

"We should firmly maintain free trade and rules based multilateral trading system". The leaders echoed. To strengthen the unity of the venue, and jointly safeguard the multilateral trading system, and jointly promote world economy is strong, sustainable and balanced and inclusive growth, become the main melody.

The leaders of the countries represented here, almost all the important role in the world economy, each other's interests intertwined, and conflicts are inevitable, the key is how to deal with. President Xi Jinping in his speech, show One principle runs through it all. "common ground", "wisdom China throughconsultations" China way.

"China supports necessary reform of the world trade organization, the key is to maintain an open, inclusive and non discrimination in the world trade organization core values and basic principles of security interests and policy space of developing countries. All parties should adhere to the extensive consultations, gradual advance, do not engage in "What I say goes."." Words, bright and clear differences in the face of constructive thinking.

The leaders of the group of twenty summit this is regarded as an important symbol of multilateralism, is the main mechanism of power coordination framework. Can't go?

At noon on December 1st, with the closing of the summit, the meeting unanimously adopted the "leaders of the group of twenty summit Buenos Aires declaration" unveiled.

The world looked 31 terms, draw the conclusion: the biggest success of the summit, is certainly the multilateralism, the international community to revive confidence in the multilateral trading system. Overview of the declaration, we can see many claims in the China mark between the lines, also effectively safeguard the interests Chinese, reflects the China concern.

Read the declaration or not easily won permission from the other, read a view of today's world pattern.

"We reaffirm that will strengthen dialogue and action to boost market confidence, using all policy instruments to achieve strong, sustainable and balanced and inclusive growth, prevent the downside risk."

"We reaffirm that will work together to improve the rules based international order, with the ability to efficiently deal with the situation in the world today."

"International trade and investment is an important engine of growth, productivity, innovation, job creation and development. It is recognized that the multilateral trading system for a contribution. We support the necessary reform of the WTO, in order to make it better to play a role."


Ma President Kerrey said, I highly appreciate the strong support of President Xi Jinping on the summit to give, the success of the summit is very important.

Partner handshake time, listen to the consensus

November 30th at noon, a summit of "family portrait" fixed in the wave moment. Photo finish, attendees from across the corridor into the plenary hall welcome area. This transition was observed in ten minutes, the venue, to capture a group of shots.

President Xi Jinping's seat is located in the plenary hall inside, need to get around a conference table. Along the way, a bit Xinpenglaoyou greeting from time to time up to shake hands with him. When he was seated, not far from the politicians with vigorous strides came to talk with his enthusiasm.

That night, the summit of the heads of the delegations couple group photo. In front of the camera behavior, also become the focus of global attention. Many foreign dignitaries couple after admission, go straight forward with President Xi Jinping a couple of handshake greetings. President Trump came to him, with a smile to say hello: "see you tomorrow!" Standing on the left side of President Xi Jinping and his wife German Prime Minister Merkel, turned to express bilateral meetings with extension of the apology caused by the fault plane was late.

10 years, through the international financial crisis, is relying on the spirit of the partners. This is the sixth time that President Xi Jinping to attend or host the leaders of the group of twenty summit in St Petersburg, the quiet bay, Brisbane blue sky, Antalya sun, Hangzhou beauty of West Lake, and Hamburg interlaced track train...... The summit of a pile of stories, scenes of the lens, precipitation in the memory. Along the way, President Xi Jinping has a more profound understanding and more informed judgments on the spirit of partnership.

"The spirit of partnership is the most valuable asset of the group of twenty. No matter what difficulties, the twenty members of the group should unite to overcome the difficulties."

"I believe that as long as we carry forward the spirit of partnership, equal consultation, mutual understanding and mutual accommodation, it does not solve the problem, you will find a satisfactory answer."

On the first day of the summit, from 9 in the morning until the evening nearly 11 points, President Xi Jinping before the end of the day of the multilateral activities. Even if such a busy schedule, he is still in intensive during the summit met with leaders of many countries.

This is the amazing rhythm! From the morning of November 30th, President Xi Jinping met with India's prime minister modi date, until the evening of December 1st with the president of the United States trump will well, two days many dignitaries walked into the meeting hall: Russian President Putin, French President Ma, President El of Turkey, Erdogan kelom German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, crown prince Mohamed of Saudi Arabia, the Secretary General of the United Nations Guterres...... The meeting site or stand or sit, there are countless conversations. The meeting hall was a grand picture, bilateral cooperation, but also on the international and regional affairs, the depth of communication.

Sino US summit meeting of Sino US relations, the pointer to the new dial dial.

In the ups and downs of the trade friction under the background of world attention, whether this meeting will be changed again an opportunity, thus affecting the global economic fluctuation, attention to the pattern of the world.

The 1 day at 17:30, affect the world talks hall to open the door.

President Xi Jinping stressed in his opening remarks, China in promoting world peace and prosperity together shoulder important responsibilities. A good Sino US relations conforms to the fundamental interests of the two peoples, but also the international community's common expectation. Cooperation is the best choice for both of us. The two sides should grasp the direction of the development of Sino US relations, to promote long-term healthy and stable development of bilateral relations. China as the world's two largest economies, there are some differences in the economic field is completely normal, the key is to the spirit of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit spirit to properly control, and to find a solution acceptable to both sides.

150 minutes later, when the two heads of state department out of the talks, exciting news with Shuabing: "two heads of state agreed to stop imposing new tariffs, and indicates their economic team stepped up consultations, towards the abolition of all tariffs in the direction of the specific agreement of mutual benefit and win-win." The two sides agreed to expand cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual benefit on the basis of mutual respect and control differences, to jointly promote the coordination, cooperation, stability for the tone of the Sino US relations.

When parting, the two heads of state again and again shook hands with. "To signal this meeting was very successful" blowing.

"Cooperation is both the best choice." The two countries should also can achieve the conflict is not confrontation, mutual respect, cooperation and win-win.

The Chinese and Russian heads of State met for the dense forests of Sino Russian relations to add new tree.

In the Chinese characteristic diplomacy board in an important relationship between China and Russia, the particularity of high level. Two hand in hand towards the revival of the nation, ushered in the best period in the history of bilateral relations.

Buenos Aires again, coincidentally, both leaders began to my old friend. The eyes of the people they congenial. "Neighbors wedding Congratulations", a pace of perseverance, the first gold medal of friendship moment, youth hockey a situation...... A section of the classic, to promote the Sino Russian relations waves.

Next year, the 70 anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and russia. The two heads of state meet visits, investigations of Sino Russian relations better tomorrow.

With India and Japan both neighbor leaders talk, inject new content for peripheral diplomacy. Premier Modi once again spoke of a memorable trip to Wuhan, President Xi Jinping of China and India to carry out a wide range of "India +" cooperation "to promote South South cooperation, to jointly build an open world economy". The Sino Japanese relations after the ice is warmer, President Xi Jinping not only talk about development, also said the bottom line: "the two sides should earnestly and properly handle major sensitive issues, ensure the relations between the two countries is no longer subject to interference." A long discourse focus.

To build a "The Belt and Road", strengthen bilateral cooperation and expand and deepen China EU relations China Middle East relations, defend multilateralism and free trade system, these words become France, Germany, Turkey, Saudi leaders frequently.

Partner handshake time, listen to the consensus, consensus, such as the stream intersection, eventually converging to the magnificent river abundant aquatic plants.

The fate and time, listen to the future

President Xi Jinping once said: "the history, always in some special years for people to learn from the wisdom and strength to carry on." In 2018, there is no doubt that this year.

Stand in the key nodes of 40 years of reform and opening up China.

"China will not open the door closed, only bigger and bigger." 2018, from Boao to Shanghai, Port Moresby, and then to Buenos Aires, China again declared a clear signal of reform does not stop, do not stop open to the world.

The first Chinese international import fair, global entrepreneurs eager to come "the market" of the event, many foreign dignitaries impressed. Prime Minister Modi said: "the move to promote the global balance of trade growth is very important." The president of the Chinese Ma cron initiatives to expand open concerns, appreciates China's efforts to improve the business environment for foreign investment in china.

The world's second largest economy and the largest trade in goods, the country's largest foreign exchange reserves...... The world of Chinese sit up and take notice. The Buenos Aires summit, President Xi Jinping met the president of the International Monetary Fund Lagarde again. In Bo not long ago, she had three bridges as a metaphor to describe the role of China to the world: "to the world bridge, leading to the prosperity of the bridge, a bridge to the future".

From this perspective, the transfer of a consensus of the international community: the reform process China domestic and international concern is highly fit.

Standing on the key nodes of emerging markets and developing countries on the rise of mass.

During the summit, President Xi Jinping attended the two small multilateral activities, from emerging markets and developing countries to unite the sound.

An informal meeting of the leaders of the BRIC countries. President Xi Jinping talked about the BRICs as an important member of the group of twenty's mission, "to reach a positive outcome of the world is responsible, responsible to the people, a support multilateralism, strengthen international cooperation, promote the strong voice of mutual benefit and win-win".

The BRIC countries jointly issued a press release, WTO reform and other issues that stand together. The "measures" unilateralism and protectionism for all members of WTO and WTO against rules inconsistent, "support the improvement of WTO, WTO to maintain the core values and basic principles, reflect all members especially the interests of developing members"...... The BRIC countries showed the distinctive position clear to the world.

Another, an informal meeting of leaders of Russia and india. After a lapse of 12 years, the three party party chairman Xi Jinping stressed: "the current situation, the common development and close cooperation has become the world pattern of deterministic stability and more important in the evolution of power." The three leaders agreed to strengthen coordination of three party, the three party cohesion consensus, promote the three party cooperation and jointly promote world peace, stability and development.

Standing on the fate of mankind hitherto unknown so closely linked together on key nodes.

In response to climate change, Chinese took out the scheme, also made achievements. President Xi Jinping explained the Chinese position, emphasize "responsibilities and respective capabilities will be the principle of" Paris agreement "clearly written common but differentiated into practice". He called for: "we should continue to build a common destiny of mankind's sense of responsibility, to provide political impetus to international cooperation on climate change."

The summit, Chinese, France, the United Nations held a tripartite meeting on climate change issues in small range. Chinese as a responsible big country, won the majority of the participating parties support the summit, response, appreciation, we stand together into one summit declaration.

A speech of President Xi Jinping, announces to the world human development before that China crossroads:

"China has always believed that multilateralism is the only way which must be passed the most consistent with the interests of all peoples. In the face of global challenges emerge in an endless stream to strengthen multilateral cooperation, in addition to all countries, there is no better choice. I propose to build a common destiny of mankind, "the initiative to build The Belt and Road", is in the world repeatedly thinking how to achieve win-win cooperation, jointly sharing, harmony but not sameness in the interests and aspirations of different. No matter how the situation changes, Chinese will adhere to multilateralism, support the United Nations to play a greater role. I believe the vast majority of countries in the world have stood on the side of multilateralism."

UN Secretary General Guterres said: "in fact, Chinese is the most important support for multilateralism."

Stand in the world history decide on what path to follow President Xi Jinping's crossroads, "G20 time", leaving the China contributions to the world of new wisdom, new power, new hope.

(Lisbon, December 5, reporter Zhao Jiaming, Du Shangze)

"People's Daily" (06 December 2018 01 Edition)

(commissioning editor: Bai Yu)