When the world is eager to listen to China

- Chairman Xi Jinping's attendance at the Thirteenth Summit of the G20 Leaders

December 06, 2018 04:41 Source: People's Daily Online - People's Daily

Cross the vast fields of the Eurasian continent, cross the innocent waters of the Atlantic Ocean, fly over the jungles of the Amazon River, and cross the clouds over the Pampas. On the evening of November 29th, Buenos Aires was full of sunshine, and President Xi Jinping’s special plane was getting closer.

Buenos Aires Airport, a plane from all directions, a silver-colored body with a national flag, the G20 Leaders’ Summit first landed in South America, bringing together two-thirds of the world’s population, Nearly 90% of the world's leading economic leaders, gathered together thousands of spotlights.

People are expecting that the global temperature will fluctuate with the ups and downs of the summit venue.

The world is so eager to listen to China.

When you are in the clouds, you can listen to your heart.

10 years!

The historical events of that year were engraved in the history of the world economy. The financial turmoil that began on Wall Street caused a storm in the world, and the global financial governance mechanism was in serious trouble.

When the leaders of the G20 met for the first time in 2008, their mission was to save the world economy in the worst international financial crisis in the past 100 years. This task was once considered desperate, but it was later proved that the summit was achieved. It was a success.

At present, the world economic growth is slowing down, the deep-seated impact of the international financial crisis has not yet been eliminated, protectionism and unilateralism are on the rise, and the risk challenge is exacerbated. The global governance deficit has become a scar that cannot be ignored.

The host of the summit, Argentine President Macquarie, invited Chairman Xi Jinping to speak for the first time. "President Xi Jinping and China have such weight, prestige and representativeness." The Argentine side explained the intention of this arrangement.

President Xi Jinping said in his speech: "The world economy is once again facing a historic choice."

In the face of historic choices, historical judgment and determination are needed. The venue was quiet enough to hear the rustle of the pen tip across the paper. There was no amount of light inside and outside the venue, focusing on President Xi Jinping.

Grasping the direction from the historical trend, President Xi Jinping said: "In the past 10 years, we have worked together in the same boat and joined forces to push the world economy out of the recession and embark on the track of recovery and growth. After 10 years, we should once again show courage and show strategy. Vision, leading the world economy to move forward along the right track."

"Five years ago, I attended the summit of the G20 leaders for the first time and called for the joint maintenance and construction of an open world economy." Over the past five years, China’s voice has been in the same line and has been as firm as ever. On the international stage, President Xi Jinping once described protectionism as "putting himself in the dark room" and called for "opening the window" and "fresh air can come in." A long-awaited, vigilant statement inspired the world and also corroborated China's role in the times—always a firm defender and active practitioner of economic globalization.

Today's time and momentum have injected extraordinary meaning and value into President Xi Jinping's speech in Buenos Aires.

President Xi Jinping talked about the four-point proposition that led the world economy to move forward along the right track: "adhere to open cooperation and maintain the multilateral trading system", "adhere to the spirit of partnership, strengthen macroeconomic policy coordination", "adhere to innovation and lead, and tap the momentum of economic growth" Adhere to the benefits of mutual benefit and promote global inclusive development."

"We should firmly uphold the free trade and rule-based multilateral trading system." The leaders of the meeting echoed. In the venue, strengthen unity, jointly safeguard the multilateral trading system, and jointly promote the strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive growth of the world economy and become the main theme.

The countries represented by the leaders here are almost all important players in the world economy. The interests of each other are intertwined and the conflicts are inevitable. The key is how to deal with them. In his speech, President Xi Jinping consistently demonstrated the Chinese wisdom of "seeking common ground while reserving differences" and the Chinese way of "consulting to handle".

"The Chinese side is in favor of the necessary reforms to the World Trade Organization. The key is to maintain the core values ​​and basic principles of the World Trade Organization, such as openness, inclusiveness and non-discrimination, and to safeguard the development interests and policy space of developing countries. We must adhere to extensive consultations and advance in all order. Do not engage in 'one-speaking hall'." One word, showing the constructive thinking of facing differences.

The summit of the G20 leaders was seen as an important symbol of multilateralism and the main framework mechanism for the coordination of major powers. Can you still go on?

At noon on December 1, with the closing of the summit, the "G20 Summit of the Buenos Aires Summit Declaration" unanimously adopted by the venue was unveiled.

The world carefully examined 31 articles and concluded that the greatest success of the summit was to affirm multilateralism and reinvigorate the confidence of the international community in the multilateral trading system. An overview of the declaration can not only see the many imprints advocated by China in the lines of the words, but also effectively safeguard China's interests and reflect China's concerns.

Read this hard-won declaration or allow you to understand today's world landscape from another perspective.

“We reiterate that we will strengthen dialogue and action, boost market confidence, and use all policy tools to achieve strong, sustainable, balanced, inclusive growth and prevent downside risks.”

"We reiterate that we will work together to improve the rules-based international order so that we can effectively respond to the changes in the world today."

“International trade and investment are important engines of growth, productivity, innovation, job creation and development. The parties recognize that the multilateral trading system contributes to this. We support the necessary reforms of the WTO to make it work better.”


President Macquarie said that I highly appreciate President Xi Jinping’s strong support for the summit, which is crucial to the success of the summit.

Partner shake hands, listen to consensus

At noon on November 30th, a summit "family portrait" was fixed at the wave of the moment. After the photo was taken, the participants walked through the promenade from the pre-function area into the plenary hall. This ten-minute transition, observed at the venue, captured a set of shots.

President Xi Jinping’s seat is located just inside the Plenary Hall and needs to bypass the conference table. Along the way, a new friend and old friend got up and shook hands with him from time to time. When he was seated, the political leaders who were not far away had strode over and talked with him enthusiastically.

That night, the heads of the delegations of the summits took a group photo. The gestures in front of the camera have also become the focus of attention worldwide. After entering the scene, a number of foreign politicians and gentlemen walked straight up to shake hands with President Xi Jinping. US President Trump came to him and smiled and said hello: "See you tomorrow!" German Chancellor Angela Merkel, standing on the left side of President Xi Jinping, turned around to express the delay in the bilateral meeting due to the late arrival of the aircraft. apology.

In the past 10 years, it has been the guidance of the spirit of the partnership that has passed the international financial crisis. This is the sixth time that President Xi Jinping attended or presided over the summit of the G20 leaders, the quiet rivers of St. Petersburg, the blue sky of Brisbane, the hot sun of Antalya, the beauty of the West Lake in Hangzhou, and the interlacing of Hamburg. The train track... A pile of stories and scenes at the summit were deposited in the depths of memory. Along the way, President Xi Jinping has a deeper understanding of the spirit of partnership and a more far-sighted judgment.

“Partnership is the most valuable asset of the G20. No matter what difficulties are encountered, the G20 members should unite and overcome the difficulties.”

"I believe that as long as you carry forward the spirit of partnership, negotiate on an equal footing, and understand each other, there will be no problems that cannot be solved, and you will find a satisfactory answer."

On the first day of the summit, from 9:00 am until 11:00 in the evening, President Xi Jinping ended the multilateral activities of the day. Even if the schedule was so busy, he still saw the needles in the summit during the summit.

This is an amazing rhythm! From the morning of November 30, President Xi Jinping met with Indian Prime Minister Modi and began to meet with US President Trump on the evening of December 1. Two days of political dignitaries entered the meeting hall: Russian President Vladimir Putin and French President Mark Long Turkish President Erdogan, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Muhammad, and UN Secretary-General Guterres... There are still few conversations at the meeting. In the meeting hall, there are magnificent pictures of bilateral cooperation and deep exchanges on international and regional affairs.

The first meeting between China and the United States set the direction of Sino-US relations to a new scale.

In the context of ups and downs of economic and trade frictions, whether the world will pay attention to this meeting will become an opportunity to turn around, and this will affect the global economic pulsation and the trend of the world.

At 17:30 on the 1st, the door to the conference hall that affected the world opened.

In his opening remarks, President Xi Jinping emphasized that China and the United States share important responsibilities in promoting world peace and prosperity. A good Sino-US relationship is in the fundamental interests of the two peoples and is also the universal expectation of the international community. Cooperation is the best choice for both China and the United States. The two sides should grasp the general direction of the development of Sino-US relations and promote the long-term, healthy and stable development of bilateral relations. As the world's two largest economies, China and the United States have some differences in the economic and trade field. The key is to properly manage and control in a spirit of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, and find a solution acceptable to both sides.

After 150 minutes, when the heads of state of the two countries walked out of the talks hall, the exciting news was followed: "The two heads of state reached a consensus, stopped adding new tariffs, and instructed the economic teams of the two countries to step up consultations and move toward the cancellation of all The direction of tariff collection will reach a specific agreement of mutual benefit and win-win. The two sides agreed to expand cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit, manage differences on the basis of mutual respect, and jointly promote Sino-US relations based on coordination, cooperation and stability.

When they left, the two heads of state took another group photo and shook hands again. The signal that "this meeting was very successful" came to the surface.

"Cooperation is the best choice for both sides." China and the United States should also be able to achieve non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect, and win-win cooperation.

The Chinese and Russian heads of state met with each other to add new trees to the dense forests of Sino-Russian relations.

In the diplomatic chessboard of the big countries with Chinese characteristics, the high-level and special Sino-Russian relations play an important role. The two great powers that have joined hands to rejuvenate have ushered in the best period of history in the relationship between the two countries.

Buenos Aires will meet again, and the two capitals will start with "My old friend." In the eyes of people, they are willing to vote. "Neighbors come to congratulate the happy event," the pace of the parade is determined, the first friendship medal is issued, and the youth ice hockey team laughs... a classic period that promotes Sino-Russian relations.

Next year, the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Russia. The two heads of state exchanged views and exchanged views on the beautiful future of Sino-Russian relations.

The conversation with the leaders of India and Japan has injected new content into the surrounding diplomacy. Prime Minister Modi once again talked about the unforgettable trip to Wuhan. President Xi Jinping sent a message to China and India to explore a wider range of "China-India +" cooperation, "promote South-South cooperation" and "build an open world economy together." After the Sino-Japanese relations broke through the ice, President Xi Jinping talked about development and the bottom line principle: "The two sides should properly handle some major sensitive issues and ensure that the relations between the two countries are no longer disturbed."

Co-constructing "One Belt and One Road", strengthening bilateral cooperation, expanding China-EU relations, deepening China-Middle East relations, defending multilateralism and free trade system, these have become frequent keywords of Sino-French, Sino-German, Middle-earth, and Central-Salt leaders. .

When the partners shake hands, listen to the consensus and gather consensus. If the streams meet, they will eventually gather into a magnificent river with abundant water and grass.

Fate and the moment together, listen to the future

President Xi Jinping once said: "History always gives people the power to gain wisdom and move on in special years." In 2018, there is no doubt that this is the year.

Standing at the key node of China's 40 years of reform and opening up.

"The door to China's opening will not be closed, it will only grow bigger." In 2018, from Boao to Shanghai, to Port Moresby, and then to Buenos Aires, China declared the world to reform again and again. A clear signal that pauses and opens without stopping.

At the first China International Import Expo, the global entrepreneurs rushed to the “gathering” event, which left a deep impression on many foreign political figures. Prime Minister Modi commented: "This move is very important to promote balanced growth of global trade." President Mark Long is very concerned about China's expansion and opening up measures, and appreciates China's efforts to improve the business environment for foreign investment in China.

The world's second largest economy, the largest trader of goods, and the largest foreign exchange reserve country... The world is eye-catching to China. At the Buenos Aires summit, President Xi Jinping once again met with IMF Managing Director Lagarde. Not long ago, at the Expo, she used three bridges as a metaphor to describe China's role in the world: "The bridge to the world, the bridge to prosperity, the bridge to the future."

This perspective conveys a consensus from the international community that China’s domestic reform process is highly compatible with the concerns of the international community.

It is at the key node of the emerging rise of emerging market countries and developing countries.

During the summit, President Xi Jinping attended two “small multilateral” activities and issued a voice of unity among emerging market countries and developing countries.

One, the informal meeting of leaders of the BRICS countries. President Xi Jinping talked about the mission of the BRICS as an important member of the G20, "achieving positive results that are responsible to the world and responsible to the people, and issued a powerful voice to support multilateralism, strengthen international cooperation, and promote mutual benefit and win-win."

The BRICS countries jointly issued a press communique and expressed common positions on issues such as WTO reform. "Calling all members of the WTO to oppose unilateralism and protectionist measures that are inconsistent with WTO rules", "supporting the improvement of the WTO, safeguarding the core values ​​and basic principles of the WTO, reflecting the interests of all members, especially developing members"... The BRICS countries have shown an unambiguous and clear stance to the world.

In another session, the leaders of China, Russia and India met informally. After a lapse of 12 years, the three parties gathered again. President Xi Jinping stressed: "Under the current situation, the common development and close cooperation of the three countries have become more and more important stability and certainty forces in the evolution of the world structure." The leaders of the three countries agreed to strengthen coordination among the three parties. Consolidate the consensus of the three parties, enhance cooperation among the three parties, and jointly promote world peace, stability and development.

Standing on the key nodes where human destiny is closely linked as never before.

In response to climate change, China has come up with a plan and made more achievements. President Xi Jinping explained China's position and stressed that "the common but differentiated responsibilities and the respective capabilities of the principles clearly written in the Paris Agreement will be implemented." He called: "We should continue to provide a political impetus for international cooperation in climate change in the sense of responsibility of building a community of human destiny."

During the summit, China, France and the United Nations convened a small-scale meeting on climate change issues. The responsibility of China's responsible big country has won the support, response and appreciation of the vast majority of the summit participants. The common position of everyone is included in the summit declaration.

A speech by President Xi Jinping tells the world the Chinese proposition before the crossroads of human development:

"China always believes that multilateralism is the only way to meet the interests of all peoples. In the face of endless global challenges, countries have no better choice than strengthening multilateral cooperation. I propose to build a community of human destiny and advocate the construction of 'One Belt and One Road'. It is to repeatedly think about how the countries of the world should realize mutual sharing and cooperation in different interests and demands. Differentiated and win-win cooperation. No matter how the situation changes, China will adhere to multilateralism and support the United Nations to play a greater role. Believe the world. Most countries also stand on the side of multilateralism."

UN Secretary-General Guterres expressed: "It turns out that China is the most important support for multilateralism."

Standing at the historical crossroads of where the world is going, President Xi Jinping’s "G20 time" leaves behind the new wisdom, new power, and new hope that China has contributed to the world.

(The newspaper, Lisbon, December 5th, reporter Zhao Jiaming, Du Shangze)

People's Daily (December 06, 2018, 01 edition)

(Editor: Bai Yu)

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