Huang Kunming stressed that research in Guangxi to strengthen the protection of relics of revolutionary sites

Better inherit the red gene and revolutionary spirit

2018 12 06 April 04:42 source: People's daily

Xinhua news agency, Nanning, June 12 5 12 month 3 day to 5 day, the CPC Central Committee, propaganda minister Huang Kunming stressed that research in Guangxi, to study a series of important expositions and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping on passing the red gene, carry forward the revolutionary spirit, cherish the precious spiritual wealth of the party leading the people in the cast of the long revolutionary struggle and strengthen the protection of revolutionary relics relics use, to carry out a wide range of revolutionary history and revolutionary tradition education, encourage cadres and the masses with firm confidence, high morale to take a new era of long road.

During the investigation, Huang Kunming of Guilin city of Guanyang county and Xingan County, the county, at the Red Army martyrs cemetery and Memorial Park, to protect the remains of the long march of the Red Army Battle of Xiangjiang revolutionary sites using a detailed understanding, heard about the work, and to the Laibin City Wuxuan County research base of propaganda and cultural work and spiritual civilization construction in rural areas.

Huang Kunming pointed out that the great course of the revolution, extremely hard and bitter China to the thousands on thousands of revolutionary martyrs, capable of evoking praises and tears, loyal to the party, the cause of the revolution, the courage to win and to break, the courage to sacrifice, created illumination century revolutionary spirit. To do a good job of protection of revolutionary relics relics, strengthen overall planning, adhere to the simple, solemn, building renovated Memorial facilities, perfect exhibition content, strengthen the protection and utilization of historical and cultural relics collection, to commemorate the victory of the revolution and the practical measures for the new Chinese Cheng Liying Yong sacrifice of revolutionary martyrs, learn a powerful spiritual force in advancing temper remember the history of.

Huang Kunming stressed the need to vigorously carry forward the revolutionary culture, to carry out a wide range of revolutionary tradition education, glorious history and great achievements of the revolutionary struggle in the Party led the people to inspire and motivate people with heroic martyrs deeds and lofty spirit, ideals and faith, guide people to inherit the cause of revolution in the new era, a new journey, always keep working hard tenacious struggle and striving spirit. To dig the various educational resources, enrich the content of education, innovation means to traditional revolutionary education into a new era of content, put the red resources to make good use of the red gene inheritance.

Huang Kunming pointed out that this year is 40th anniversary and the reform and opening up in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region was founded in 60th anniversary. To take this opportunity to carry out extensive mass publicity and education activities, and vigorously promote the great revolution of reform and opening up, vigorously promote the autonomous region has made brilliant achievements, deepening the education of patriotism and national unity and progress of education, to better motivate and mobilize the cadres and masses of all ethnic groups and help, solidarity, work together to create a better tomorrow.

"People's Daily" (06 December 2018 04 Edition)
(commissioning editor: Bai Yu)