Into the village quite satisfactory (celebrating 40 years of reform and opening up, the village level papers)

Newspaper reporter Ren Jianghua

In December 2018 06, 04:42 source: People's daily

Area clean and tidy, surrounded by trees, a garden houses well-proportioned, villagers aged College song. Castle Lake in Jiangxi province Nanchang city winter into the well-off homes, a warm and harmonious scene.

There is a "bridge" area, the other side of the bridge is "my Pavilion" means: Jin Fu, liking.

Back to the time before the reform and opening up, into the village has suffered the confusion of development. "A two pole basket, a female not marry on the kiln bay", a ballad into the village at the time of the situation.

40 years of reform and opening up, into the village after the frustrations and hardships, the famous impoverished village became the "China ten well-off village", out of a road of common prosperity.

"The reform and opening today into the village!" Into the first village Party Secretary Luo Yuying has deep feeling.

80 in the last century, with the reform and opening-up, into the village by use of land assets, the collective economic development of the "first pot of gold". Then, the village has set up the binding factory, Rice noodles factory, chemical factory, farm and a series of enterprises, and built Jiangxi's first Village Hotel, Poyang Lake Hotel, the villagers finally have their own third industry.

With the advance of urbanization, into the village to change ideas, to begin the development of industrial parks and the direction of the market, with "enclave economy" ideas, construction of industrial parks, hotels, logistics park. In the development of Shun Cun also transformed from single planting to agriculture, industry, service industry, financial industry, formed by the third industry as the main building of the park as the diversification of a new pattern of economic development, financial and business services and the two wings.

Farmers, villagers, investors and employees...... Now into the village, every villager has several different identity. "Village everyone shares dividends every year! Last year we old two to twenty thousand yuan." 62 year old villager Liu Shengbao joy shows between the lines.

In the past, the village economy to implement a single collective ownership mode, property right is not clear, the responsibility is difficult to implement and other disadvantages appear. Into the village pilot, in 1999 in the province to explore the village collective economic community joint-stock system reform, the village collective shares quantitative distribution to the villagers, and everyone shares each charge, the villagers become shareholders, share the village collective economic development achievements. "To reform the structure of property rights, the villagers share enterprise approach, greatly enhance the sense of ownership." Into the village Party Secretary and village committee director Luo Laichang said.

After the development of the foundation, to make an inventory of assets for investment, the extension of space and development "3 stages, into the village realized from agricultural economy to industrial economy, from the countryside to the city's historic change. The village collective economy stronger, 2017 village collective net income of 5036 million yuan, per capita income reached 3 million yuan, is expected to 2018 village collective net income of up to 5200 million yuan, per capita income of 3.2 million yuan.

Material abundance, not into the village all. Into the village while speeding up economic development, efforts to promote the culture, education, health care, health and welfare projects. 1995 years into the village villagers social pension insurance, medical insurance. Into the village to arrange live, their good old, good education, take good care of small weak, taking into account the popular "serve the people" 26 word policy ", the villagers enjoy retirement pay, longevity awards, scholarships, gold and other 18 kinds of welfare relief.

"People's Daily" (06 December 2018 04 Edition)
(commissioning editor: Bai Yu)