From November 27th to December 5th, President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to Spain, Argentina, Portugal and Panama, and attend the twenty G20 leaders summit in Buenos Aires:

The same solution era proposition to seek common development

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The Spanish interior Senate library.
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The leaders of the group of twenty summit in Buenos Aires news, reporters from all over the world in a tense.
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Argentina media focused on the visiting chairman Xi Jinping.
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Panama "China Pakistan friendship story" live performances.
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Confucius Institute of the University of Coimbra in Portugal to offer Chinese courses for specialty.
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The international situation is undergoing profound and complicated changes. On the one hand, human society has already become acommunity of the fate of the community, on the other hand, human faces hitherto unknown challenge.

- President Xi Jinping across the Eurasian continent, from both sides of the Atlantic, with visits to countries and the leaders of the world's major economies, to strengthen the solidarity of the international community, improve global governance and development partnership, deepen friendly cooperation and promote world peace, stability and prosperity.

- President Xi Jinping's visit, the achievements of a new story of friendship and cooperation, to all the people left a deep impression. Let a reporter, relive memorable moments, common vision of win-win cooperation for a better future.

President Xi Jinping saying


Promote the construction of an open world economy

Hope that the group of twenty nations continue to uphold the spirit of partnership pull together in times of trouble. This spirit has guided the group of twenty nations through the international financial crisis, will continue to inspire the group of twenty leading the tide of world economy. To guide the development of the world economy on the right track, the twenty country group is not only the beginning of the establishment of the heart is the most important task of the group of twenty.

In November 28, 2018, Argentina published in the "horn" article

The progress of human development tide rolling forward, the world economy has ups and downs, but the trend towards integration of the countries to open, no change. The industrial chain, value chain, supply chain extension and expansion, driven by the global flow of production factors, help billions of people out of poverty. Mutual cooperation, complementary advantages is the objective requirement of the development of productive forces, but also represents the direction of the evolution of relations of production. In this process, countries gradually formed a community of interests and responsibility, the fate of the community. No matter the future is sunny rain, cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win is the only correct choice.

Many of the problems facing the world today, and the development of related problems after all. The development is to realize the strong support of the fair. We should adhere to the people-centered development thought, people will gain a sense of happiness and sense of security as a starting point and end point.

11 - 2018 years in 30, the leaders of the group of twenty in the thirteen summit meeting of the first stage


Open up The Belt and Road cooperation in the new space

China has always regarded Spain as in the development of the road to forward the partner, willing to give full play to economic complementarities between the two countries, make good use of all kinds of cooperation mechanism, strengthen the construction of "The Belt and Road" initiative with Spain "Asian Development Strategy", the Mediterranean corridor docking, and actively expand the market of the third party cooperation, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results in a greater range in.

November 27, 2018, published in the Spanish "ABC" signed article

Chinese supported European integration. The two sides should support each other in the international order to jointly safeguard and promote global governance, strengthen cooperation. We want to strengthen the "The Belt and Road" initiative with the development strategy of docking, common in Asia and Europe to promote interoperability, promote the development and prosperity of the Eurasian continent. I hope the West could play a positive role in maintaining the correct direction of the development of China EU relations.

November 28, 2018, held talks with Prime Minister Sanchez of Spain

"A bosom friend, Tianya zorpia." Although the two countries are far away from each other, but the two people are peace loving each other. The relationship between the two countries has become the international test amidst the winds of change of emerging markets and developing countries, solidarity and cooperation, common development model.

In November 28, 2018, Argentina published in the "horn" article

We are confident about the prospects for the development of Latin America, will adhere to the principle of equality, mutual benefit and win-win principle, with Latin American friends including Argentina, a construction of a new era in Latin American relations of equality and mutual benefit, innovation, openness, Huimin, actively participate in the forum construction and pull "The Belt and Road" cooperation, to jointly promote the construction of pull of fate community.

In December 2, 2018, Macri held talks with President of Argentina

We want to make sincere partner equality and mutual trust, solidarity and development partners, mutual benefit and win-win partnership, hearts intimate partner.

November 30, 2018, published in Panama's "Star" article

Pakistan "2030 national logistics strategy" with China to build a "The Belt and Road initiative highly fit, the two sides should strengthen strategic docking, promote financial cooperation, tourism, logistics, infrastructure construction and other areas, the implementation of railway, education, health care and other key projects to promote interoperability.

In December 3, 2018, Barrera held talks with President of Panama

This visit, I came across the Eurasian continent, on both sides of the Atlantic, feel the strong voice of the international community to follow the trend of the times, adhere to multilateralism, improve global governance, the aspirations of all peoples to peace, development and progress, the pursuit of a happy life wish. In the face of the various problems and challenges, China is convinced that only by mutual respect, equal consultation, adhere to peaceful development and win-win cooperation, to achieve the common development of the world and the human long period of stability.

- 2018 years 12 months 3 days, in Portugal "Daily News" published a signed article

The ancients said: the Chinese, Trinidad enthusiasts, fixed on the paint, Kennedy in stone. China is such a good friend and partner.

December 4, 2018, held talks with Portuguese President Sousa


"This is really a wonderful speech"

Newspaper reporter Jiang Bo

"This is really a wonderful speech!" Mentioned: local time on November 28th Morning President Xi Jinping to the Spanish Senate main lawmakers, the Spanish Senate President Escudero said with emotion, speech conveys the information from China friendly people, show a profound friendship in the west between the two countries, and hopes that both sides will continue efforts to promote bilateral relations to a new level of good will.

"President Xi Jinping said in his speech, Chinese never closed its door to the outside world, the two countries should strengthen exchanges and development of the concept of strategic cooperation docking," The Belt and Road. ". This shows that the West relationship has the huge development space." Escudero believes that the West in the people of the two countries should work together to promote the continued development of bilateral relations in the economic, technological and cultural exchanges and other areas, while strengthening dialogue and cooperation in the international multilateral arena, jointly cope with climate change and other global issues, promote bilateral relations continue to grow.

"Today, China has become one of Spain's most important partners, bilateral relations have entered the best period in history." Escudero is the location and evaluation of the relationship between the two countries, the West relations shows between the lines of appreciation and desire to deepen bilateral relations. In President Xi Jinping's state visit to Spain, Escudero told reporters expressed visit to President Xi Jinping are looking forward to. After the visit, and he cheerfully told reporters about his new understanding of the relationship in the west.


"Argentina must seize the opportunity"

Newspaper reporter Guan Kejiang

"Good looking forward to hearing politicians of Argentina high praise to President Xi Jinping and the Arab relations, I can not help but proud. I will be in your ability for Argentina and China further contribute to deepening friendly cooperation." Recalled in December 2nd Argentina's president Macri held the exchange talkfest, joy showing Chinese Argentina Senator Yuan Jianping speech.

Yuan Jianping said that after the end of the visit of President Xi Jinping, President Kerrey Ma Yiyouweijin, immediately in the office of the president's residence outside the building on the lawn at the exchange forum. Macri talked about the visit of President Xi Jinping stressed that the two countries "experience, is a real good friend and partner, Argentina must seize opportunities, strengthen cooperation with Chinese." The two countries signed a bilateral government action plan for the next 5 years and a series of cooperation agreements, will further open the door to the Argentine Chinese. In Alibaba e-commerce platform, one hour to sell 150 million boxes of Argentine red shrimp. Argentina cherry can also enter the market Chinese. Yuan Jianping told reporters, Macri stressed that Argentina's economy is facing a challenge, "China so open to us, this is a rare opportunity for the development of our. Some countries claim to concern Chinese investment in Latin America, I think this is the words of concern: the historic opportunity."

Secretary of state Lombardi Department of Argentina public media is also the leaders of the group of twenty summit in Buenos Aires, the general coordinator of technical affairs. He told reporters that the participants discussed the major leaders of the world economy, through the declaration, issued a positive information, inject confidence and vitality into the international market. "China support for the summit held successfully played a constructive role."


"Bazhong agricultural cooperative radiation throughout Latin america"

Newspaper reporter Li Xiaoxiao

"I am very happy to sign on behalf of the Panama and China cooperation agreement." In December 3rd, during President Xi Jinping's visit to Panama, Pakistani leaders witnessed the signing of several documents on bilateral cooperation, including representatives of the Panama agricultural cooperation agreement signed is the Minister of agriculture Eduardo Kles.

"President Xi Jinping welcomed Panama's seafood, meat, pineapple and other exports to China during the talks between the two leaders, which makes us very excited." Who pointed out that "pineapple, beef, seafood is the protagonist of the Bazhong agricultural cooperation agreement." The representative of Panama agricultural products, Carlos familiar: mellow summer rose coffee, sweet and delicious fruit, high quality beef and nutritious fish etc..

Kles said that the Panama location, access to the vast China market, Pakistan will play a great role in promoting the development of agriculture. The short term, the export of agricultural products of Panama to Chinese, Pakistan can increase the income of farmers, also can let people gobble down Chinese. "But we have to look far, Bazhong agricultural cooperation is part of a" The Belt and Road 'initiative docking with the Panama 2030 "national logistics strategy", Bazhong agricultural cooperative radiation all of Latin America, the two sides can work together to develop new markets."


"We feel China open tolerance"

Newspaper reporter Feng Xuejun

President Xi Jinping in the Portuguese media published a signed article pointed out that both sides should make good use of Chinese International Import Expo platform, expand bilateral trade. "I read because I feel particularly excited, leading enterprises have participated in November this year, held in Shanghai in the first expo. In this exhibition, we meet many potential customers, full of harvest." The Portuguese pork Group CEO Rui Lopez Ferreira said.

Ferreira recalled the experience in Shanghai a month ago, still. He said: "the first Expo in such a large scale, so rich, I was impressed. For foreign enterprises to enter the market China, enter the Expo special significance. China is a comprehensive deepening reform, expanding opening up. Into the Expo let us feel the Chinese open tolerance."

Super bock beer officially entered the market in 2009 Chinese. In less than 10 years, its sales network has covered about 100 million of the population, which is nearly 10 times the total population of portugal. "The Portuguese companies embrace such a huge market, full of opportunities and challenges." Ferreira said, "last year we specifically for the special preferences China consumers in the beer foam and taste, launched a series of exclusive products Chinese market. This is the first time we launch personalized products for the international market." Ferreira believes that the enterprise market in Portugal Chinese achievement, is inseparable with the friendly relations of portugal.


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