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The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region was founded in 60th anniversary to celebrate

The CPC the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Committee of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region people's Government

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In 1958, the establishment of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, opened a new chapter in the history of Guangxi. In 60 years, especially 40 years of reform and opening up, in Chinese under the leadership of the Communist Party, at the party's national policy shine bright, people of all ethnic groups in Guangxi with a common fate, heart to heart and work together for common prosperity and development, Guangxi occurred changes in turn the world upside down. Of the party since eighteen, with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, the regional party committee and government to unite and lead the people of all ethnic groups, the great banner of socialism ideology China characteristics holding Xi Jinping new era to forge ahead, work hard, the healthy development of economy, social harmony and stability, national unity, consolidating frontier peace. A good ecological environment, people live and work in peace, the cadres and masses of spirits, marching Chinese features a new era of socialist. These achievements, fully embodies the thought of Xi Jinping's new era China socialism practice process, and fully demonstrated the great superiority of the party's national policy and the system of regional ethnic autonomy, fully demonstrated the beautiful picture of the unity of all ethnic groups.

First, unswervingly adhere to the overall leadership of the party, along the correct political direction

Guangxi is a glorious revolutionary tradition of red earth. People of all ethnic groups in Guangxi have long accepted the views of the party, uphold the party's program and identity for the road, back into the party under the leadership of the revolution, made a great sacrifice and contribution to the victory of the revolution Chinese. After the founding of new China especially in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region after the founding of the peoples of the region to inherit and carry forward the glorious revolutionary tradition, undivided attention to go to the party, from the autonomous region to safeguard national unity, to promote the reform and opening up to the development of the socialist market economy, from participating in the development of western regions to promote China ASEAN cooperation and opening up, from the strategic to the border rich countries active service strong border, has always been to the party's banner banner to the party's direction, the party will never hesitate, never wavered.

Of the party since eighteen, we study and implement the thought of Xi Jinping's new era China socialism, conscientiously implement the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping on the work of the spirit of Guangxi, promote the overall development of the "five in one overall layout, to promote the coordination of" four comprehensive "strategic layout, always in the same ideological and Political Action Party Central Committee with Xi Jinping at the core of highly consistent. General secretary Xi Jinping of Guangxi special care, high hopes. In March 2015, the general secretary Xi Jinping to participate in the National People's Congress of the Guangxi delegation, asked Guangxi to build for the ASEAN International Channel, to create an open development of Southwest China and South Africa new strategic fulcrum, an important gateway to the formation of "The Belt and Road" organic convergence, giving Guangxi the "three position" new mission. In April 2017, the general secretary Xi Jinping visited Guangxi, proposed the "five solid" new requirements, providing follow for a new era of development of the direction, Guangxi. Autonomous Region Party committee, government and people of all ethnic groups, exhortations to keep in mind Thanksgiving endeavour, adhere to the implementation of the "three position" and "new mission five solid" new requirements as the main line of work, efforts to revitalize the open development of this game, fight this tough battle to implement precise poverty, the coordinated development of the request, this activation the power of reform and innovation, play to the advantage of the good ecological environment, grasp the fundamental guarantee of the party building, and promote the cause of Guangxi, struggling to write a new chapter in the development of a new era of Guangxi, to promote the construction of the region's historic achievements and made historic change. This is achieved with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the Party Central Committee and the strong leadership, is made in the new era of socialist ideology Chinese characteristics of Xi Jinping under the guidance of the scientific.

60 years, Guangxi every step of the development and progress of each point, all embodied the party's deep concern and the people of the profound sentiments of friendship. The Party Central Committee and the State Council on the development of various undertakings in Guangxi have more and more love, give full tilt and support from the reform and opening up, economic development, infrastructure, livelihood security, poverty alleviation, financial transfer payment cadre and personnel training, especially the open development of Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, the Pearl River - West River economic belt development around the river, the revitalization of the old revolutionary base areas, Guilin international tourist resort construction into the national strategic planning, on the reform and development of Guangxi played a leading and decisive role. The brother provinces, Hong Kong and Macao regions and a large number of central enterprises to private enterprises have a helping hand, through the factory migration, industrial transfer, project investment, poverty alleviation and cooperation, personnel training, labor cooperation and other forms of support to help Guangxi to help accelerate the development of Guangxi. All this, let Guangxi cadres and masses of all ethnic groups were moved and inspired, deeply felt the great superiority of the socialist system, deeply felt socialism family warm, strengthened the sense of the party well, listen to the party, with the party's high level of consciousness.

The Communist Party is China socialism China features the core leadership, is the unity of the Chinese nation's core leadership. Practice has proved that development of Guangxi for 60 years, always adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party of China Chinese, always adhere to the road of socialism, is the fundamental guarantee of the undertakings continue to a new victory from the victory. In the new era, we must unswervingly follow the party more, firmly establish the "Four Consciousness", four firm confidence, determined to do "two maintenance", adhere to the correct path Chinese characteristics to solve the national problems, to ensure that the work of Guangxi has the right to move forward, continue to create new glories.

Two, firmly carry out the new concept of development, promote economic development of high quality

Development is the key to solve all kinds of problems in ethnic minority areas. In 60 years, especially 40 years of reform and opening up, we firmly grasp the development does not relax, concentrate on construction and development, the promotion of Guangxi to achieve undivided attention, from low income to the overall middle-income stage, by the national traffic endings to the regional transport hub, the border region is relatively closed to the history of ASEAN open frontier and move from lack of food and clothing to well-off transition, and write a new chapter in the prosperity and development of the motherland.

The overall strength significantly increased. In 2017, the region's GDP 2 trillion and 39 billion 625 million yuan, the per capita GDP of 41955 yuan, respectively in 1958 of 832 times, 371 times, three times the industrial structure from 1958 to 51.8: 27.7: 20.5: 45.6: 14.2 for the adjustment and optimization of 40.2. We vigorously develop modern agriculture, the production of more than 60% of the country's sugar cane, about 50% of the cocoon, more than 45% wood, become an important winter vegetables, fruit garden, selenium rich agricultural products production base. We continue to promote industrial strong GUI strategy, vigorously develop the real economy, leading to strong, complementary chain, the group gathered, emphasizing innovation, brand, expand the market, bigger and stronger traditional industries, the development and growth of strategic emerging industries, foster the formation of food, automobile, machinery, nonferrous metals and other 10 billion dollar industry become, automobile, aluminum industry, wood processing and other important production base. We are speeding up the transformation and upgrading of traditional service industry, promote the modern service industry, the emerging service industry is booming, the digital economy, sharing new mode of economy, e-commerce and other new formats continue to emerge, tourism, culture, sports, health, pension and other industrial agglomeration area just unfolding of happiness, a number of distinctive and diverse formats, improve the function of the modern service industry.

Greatly improve the infrastructure. Guangxi "eight mountains of water a sub field, people of all nationalities long hard road, electricity, water and other problems difficult to. We adhere to the great determination and courage will, to promote infrastructure battle, focusing on the "high-speed every county high iron city, civil aviation, inland roads through patches of" construction, inside and outside the convenience of transportation upgrade, become the first opening of the high-speed railway, subway national autonomous region. At present, the high-speed railway operating mileage of 1771 km, accessible region 12 city and surrounding all provinces; the total mileage of highway more than 5000 kilometers, 91% county highway; coastal and inland port throughput reached 2.5 tons, 1.1 tons; the airport passenger throughput of over 24 million people. The urbanization rate has increased from 1978 years to 2017 years 10.61% 49.2%, rural village water, electricity, hardening the road, radio and television, network signal, and the appearance change rapidly.

Fast to improve the ability of innovation. The further implementation of innovation driven development strategy, actively promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, science and technology by leaps and bounds, the amount of invention patent applications and authorization and ownership growth rate for many years among the forefront of the country, made a number of major innovations, especially in the world's most successful early indica hybrid rice planting, breed the world the first cloned subspecies of buffalo, developed the world's first renewable air hybrid diesel engine, not only a strong impetus for the region's economic and social development, but also contributed to the national science and technology progress. The high-tech industry from scratch, from small to large, in 2017 the total output value of high-tech zones, industrial total revenue, profits and taxes were 45.87 times, 40.41 times and 44.86 times in 2001, has become an important force to promote regional economic development.

Good ecological environment. General secretary Xi Jinping stressed that the Guangxi ecological advantages of jinbuhuan. We remember the general secretary of the Commission, to firmly establish the concept of green development, adhere to the ecological zone, ecological benefit, and promote the construction of ecological environmental protection, governance system of overall landscape Hayashida Lake grass, resolutely fight air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution prevention and control of the battle, continue to promote the "beautiful Guangxi rural construction and the construction of livable city the further implementation of ecological economy," ten major projects ", and constantly improve the color value, highlight the beautiful scenery of the value of gold and silver, and strive to achieve economic development and ecological construction of mutual win-win. In 2017, the region's forest coverage rate reached 62.31%, 39.09 percentage points higher than in 1958, the ecological environment quality of the nation, out of a characteristic of Guangxi industrial advantages, rich people, ecological beauty and people's well-being high green development.

Accelerate the development of ethnic areas, gradually narrowing the gap with the whole country, is not only a major economic issue, but also a major political issue, is not only related to the overall situation of China's modernization, but also the relationship between social stability and national long period of stability. After 60 years of development, although Guangxi achieved great progress, but after changing the development of underdeveloped basic situation has not yet, the unbalanced development of the problem of insufficient still outstanding. We must thoroughly implement the new concept of development, closely around the main line of the supply side structural reform, focus on the development of strategic planning, development mode, development power conversion, development environment optimization, the sharing of development achievements, continue to promote the quality and efficiency of transformation change, dynamic change, speed up the construction of the modern economic system, working out a is consistent with the development road of high quality requirements of the CPC Central Committee and has the characteristics of Guangxi.

Three, unswervingly deepen reform and opening up, the initiative into the The Belt and Road construction

General secretary Xi Jinping stressed that reform and opening up is the key to the destiny of contemporary Chinese, is also a key move to achieve "two one hundred year struggle goals and achieve the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation. 40 years of reform and opening up, especially since eighteen Party's deepening reform and opening up, we make snap, fully stimulate the development of dynamic vitality.

Deepening reform of the overall steady hoof walked quickly. Guangxi's reform from the countryside began to surge high and sweep forward, then from countryside to city, from local to overall, establish and improve the socialist market economic system from the development of commodity economy, the reform has made greater strides. Of the party since eighteen, we deployed in accordance with the Party Central Committee's decision to focus on deepening reform, comprehensive strategic layout, with hitherto unknown determination and efforts, has launched a number of major reform initiatives in 1270, showing a full force, more breakthrough, stabilize hoof walked quickly, good momentum of development. Especially the administrative examination and approval, commercial system, taxation system, border finance, comprehensive rural reform, the city in the northern Gulf Economic Zone and a number of features Guangxi landmark, critical, major reform, leading air plant blossom, the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone to achieve the same city communications, finance, insurance, customs clearance and other services City integration, cross-border RMB settlement volume in the western province (area) and the border provinces (regions) the forefront of rural financial reform "Tiandong model" has become the national advanced models, significant progress has made a comprehensive deepening reform.

The development of a new pattern of all-round opening up and accelerate the formation of. General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that Guangxi has the conditions to play a greater role in "The Belt and Road construction. Based on the unique location, the release of the "sea" potential, stimulate vitality, "Jiang" done "side" of the article, the full implementation of the opening-up policy, ground to promote key projects, enhance the Chinese tamp ASEAN open platform, construction of all-round opening up a new pattern of development. We keep in mind the general secretary exhortations, based on regional advantages to build plan "south and North, East and West into" the development of a new pattern of all-round opening up. The key to the New South Sea international trade channel as the carrier, to build for the ASEAN International Channel; North key smooth channel contact Guizhou, Chongqing, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Gansu and other places, the "area" and "road", link up; financial integration and focus on the east of the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong Bay area, accelerating the development of the eastern region of West Key Joint leveraging; Yunnan Province, to strengthen cooperation with Vietnam, Burma, Laos and other countries to go live in the Mekong River, open development of this game. Pragmatic promote open cooperation with ASEAN as the focus, continuous China successfully hosted the 15 session of the ASEAN Expo, Chinese ASEAN Business and Investment Summit and a series of major activities involved in promoting the Pan Beibu Gulf, the Greater Mekong sub region, the "two corridors and one ring" and other regional cooperation, promote the formation of Chinese ASEAN cooperation "Nanning channel". Adhere to the project cooperation and park construction as the basis, vigorously promote cross-border economic cooperation and interoperability construction, to create a new model of the horse two double park "and other international cooperation, liner normalization operation new channel international sea trade of iron sea transport container trains, it has become an important engine for promoting the open development of the western region of higher level. Full range, multi field, deeply promote the opening-up and cooperation with ASEAN political, diplomatic, economic, cultural, and ASEAN countries concluded 54 of international friendship city. Make great strides to "go out", foreign investment involving 5 70 continents in many countries and regions. 2017, the region's foreign trade import and export volume of US $572.1, is 212.4 times 1978 years. ASEAN for 17 consecutive years to become Guangxi's largest trading partner. Guangxi, Guangxi, Guangxi and Taiwan Hong Kong Macao cooperation deepening, successfully held the 14 session of the economic and cultural cooperation forum in Guangxi and Taiwan, multi regional cooperation in the status of continuous improvement.

In the new era, domestic and international situation is undergoing extensive and profound changes, the reform and opening up facing the new situation and new tasks and new challenges. Ethnic minority areas to develop and progress, we must unswervingly take the road of reform and opening up. We must hold high the banner of the new era of reform and opening up, promote further reform and re thinking of the liberation and open further expand efforts in key areas and key links of reform continue to achieve new breakthroughs, in the service China ASEAN Community of destiny and The Belt and Road construction continuously made new progress, in a wider range and more wide field into the national, to ASEAN, embrace the world.

Four, firmly implement the development thought of taking people as the center, the people of all ethnic groups together to create a happy new life

General secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed that the people's yearning for a better life, is our goal. 60 years, we always adhere to the people-centered development ideas, actively adapt to people's yearning for a better life, to enhance the well-being of the people and promote the all-round development of people as the starting point and goal of all work, in-depth implementation of livelihood projects, accelerate the improvement of public service system, improve the people's living level has filled people's livelihood short board, and effectively enhance the well-being of the masses of all ethnic groups to gain a sense of security.

The people's living standards greatly improved. We adhere to the development and enriching the people as the value orientation and work oriented, multiple channels to promote the steady growth of income of urban and rural residents, urban and rural residents in 2017 per capita disposable income reached 30502 yuan, 11325 yuan, 105 times and 94 times in 1978. The people of all ethnic groups consumption significantly upgrading the consumption structure change, air conditioning, mobile phone, computer and other household has spread, cars and other high-end consumer durables has a large amount of increase, tourism, sports, culture and entertainment, health care consumption has become a fashion. In 2017, the family Engel coefficient of urban residents fell to 33.2%, down 24.1 percentage points higher than in 1980; the family Engel coefficient of rural residents dropped to 32.2%, down 31.3 percentage points higher than in 1980. The per capita living space of urban residents increased from 3.65 square meters in 1978 to 31.8 square meters in 2017, living conditions improved significantly.

Decisive progress in poverty alleviation. Guangxi set of "old, less, side, mountain," in a body, is one of the main battlefield of China's poverty. Since the reform and opening up, we insist on starting from solving the problem of food and clothing, to focus on contiguous poor areas and poor villages in the main battlefield, in order to solve the hard drinking, hard road, electricity is difficult as the breakthrough point, has carried out a series of infrastructure construction conference battle, and adult property special investment, mobilize all social forces to poverty, living in poverty area the masses significantly improved. The party's 18 years, we have won the battle out of poverty as the biggest political responsibility and the people's livelihood projects, adhere to the precise poverty alleviation, precise poverty basic strategy, started a comprehensive "crucial five-year, a well-off poverty battle, push forward the" 8 a batch "10" action "of poverty alleviation effect. 2012 2017, the region's total poverty reduction 709 million, an average annual reduction of 118 million people, the rural poverty rate from 2012 to 2017 at the end of the end of the 18% 5.7%, 1999 11, a poor village poor counties hat. In 2016 2017, organized by the national provincial Party committee and government effectiveness of poverty alleviation and development assessment in Guangxi for 2 consecutive years to obtain "comprehensive evaluation" order.

The all-round social progress. We further implement the strategy of giving priority to employment and active employment policy, the registered urban unemployment rate remained at less than 3.5% years. Giving priority to the development of education in ethnic autonomous regions in the country to achieve the goal of "two bases", the first nine years of compulsory education, the first implementation of occupation education crucial project in the western region, in the country's first multi inclusive kindergarten mechanism. Comprehensively promote the construction of Guangxi health, medical and health service system is increasingly perfect, the hospital (hospital), the number of beds, health workers increased exponentially, the average life expectancy of residents of the region increased from 60 in 1963 to 77.03 years old, and Bama longevity is well known in the world. To strengthen the social security work, implementation of urban basic medical insurance remote medical treatment of urban and rural residents illness insurance direct settlement, full coverage of the social endowment insurance of urban residents and the new rural social endowment insurance synchronous full coverage.

To promote national unity and progress, the most profound source in people, the fundamental goal in people. We must adhere to the development of ideas to the people as the center, to promote economic and social development and the continuous improvement of people's livelihood organically, do everything possible to solve the problem of the interests of the masses of the people most concerned about, the most direct and realistic, step forward, to ensure the development of the improvement of people's livelihood will follow a step in child rearing and education employment medical and old-age care, and housing, has helped the weak continuous new progress, and continuously meet the people of all ethnic groups in the growing need for a better life.

Five, promote national unity and progress demonstration zone construction, further firmly cast the Chinese community awareness

The Chinese nation is a community of destiny related by flesh and blood of national unity, is the lifeline of the people of all ethnic groups. 60 years, we insist on the maintenance of national unity as the major political responsibility to adhere to and thoroughly implement the system of regional ethnic autonomy, continue to promote the progress of the construction model of national unity, the deepening of contacts and exchanges between various ethnic blend, and firmly cast the Chinese community awareness, form a lively situation of all ethnic groups live together in peace together, work together with one heart and harmonious development.

Do a good job in the nation, the key is to improve national unity, the best way is for the people. We adhere to the socialist core values into the whole process of national unity and progress of education, make full use of the annual "national unity and progress on promotion" and the autonomous region, autonomous counties, townships on the 10 anniversary celebrations and other major activities, focused on the promotion of the party and the country's national policy, in the whole society to sing "the Chinese nation, a pro concentric build China dream" theme of national unity, the "common" "3 cannot do without the" 5 "identity" firmly rooted in the hearts of people of all ethnic groups. Insist on focusing on the heart, focusing on the usual, focusing on action, focusing on the grassroots level, widely carried out to create national unity and progress into the organs, enterprises, communities, villages, schools, places of religious activities "6" activities, the emergence of a large number of "national demonstration area of national unity and progress to create activities (units)," the model of national unity and progress of collective and individual. Support and guide people of all nationalities living with learning music, "Zhuang March three" is set to promote the legal holiday, hundreds of traditional ethnic festivals renaissance. The "ethnic theory and policy" to build a boutique large-scale online open courses, promote national unity and progress of all kinds of schools at all levels to enhance the effectiveness of education. The national long-term family, friends, social circle, living area continues to expand, the region has 1 million 300 thousand families from more than two ethnic groups, all nationalities with a drink of water, a cave with farming fields, to live in a village, with a home, read a class, with a harmonious scene the Festival can be seen everywhere, like pomegranate seeds as tightly together, equality and solidarity and harmonious socialist ethnic relations continue to consolidate and develop.

Cultural identity is the root of national unity, ethnic harmony of the soul. The strengthening of national unity, the long-term and fundamental is to enhance the cultural identity. We firmly grasp the leading ideology rights, adhere to the national construction of common spiritual home as a strategic task, vigorously carry out patriotic education, vigorously promote and protect the excellent traditional culture, promote cultural creative and innovative development, prosperity and development of Guangxi culture, and strive to build a compatible with the characteristics of the times, Zhuang, style harmonious culture area. To construct the fifth level of public cultural service system covering urban and rural areas, promote cultural Huimin activities extend to the grassroots, formed Village building positions, the township take the stage and every week, every month, show something new pattern of mass cultural events. Dig the characteristics of Guangxi ethnic culture, created a large number of rich ethnic, regional, age of Guangxi Fengzhuang rhyme art, the movie "Liu Sanjie" popular at home and abroad, "impression of Liu Sanjie" the first domestic large-scale live performance precedent, "Bagui big song" 13 "blue silk road" stage won the "quality Wenhua award, Nanning International Folk Art Festival held in 20, Guangxi Literature, such as the rapid rise of Lijiang painting school, becomes a brilliant cultural name card. Huashan rock paintings left River Cultural Landscape successfully included in the world heritage list, Xingan included in the world heritage list Lingqu canal irrigation project, Zhuang Frostfell included in the human representative list of intangible cultural heritage, the cultural heritage of ethnic minorities effective protection and inheritance.

The great unity of people of all ethnic groups in need of legal protection. In 60 years, we strengthen the construction of the rule of law, to implement the law on regional ethnic autonomy as an important task, improve the supporting laws and regulations (Amendment), has formulated the implementation of the 12 Autonomous County autonomous regulations and separate regulations, 25 cases involving 67 national affairs and government regulations and normative documents, the introduction of a series of local laws and regulations, and effectively protect the the rights of minority people in power, improve the use of thinking and the rule of law governance of ethnic affairs. To promote social harmony and stability of the model area to create activities, strengthen the construction of peace in Guangxi, perfect three-dimensional social security protection system, promote grass-roots management service grid intelligent society, build social governance structure and governance sharing. To strengthen border control and social governance according to law, and resolutely crack down on the "threeforces" and hostile infiltration and sabotage activities, to crack down on drug-related, involving firearms, smuggling and trafficking and other serious cross-border criminal activities, maintaining the harmony and stability of the southern border of the long period of stability.

As the largest minority population in the autonomous region of Guangxi for a long time, people of all ethnic groups in ethnic kinship, very harmonious relationship, called a model of national unity and progress in china. On April 2017, general secretary Xi Jinping visited Guangxi to do the work of national unity put forward specific requirements. This is a great inspiration to us, but also a powerful spur. We must bear in mind the earnest exhortations of general secretary Xi Jinping, good, good use, summarize the successful experience of the development of good national unity and progress, carry out activities to create national unity and progress, cherish their own eyes, like caring for national unity, let the good traditional peoples heart, hand in hand to be handed down from age to age. Always adhere to the lifeline of national unity, to strengthen national unity as a strategic, fundamental and long-term to grasp, further firmly cast the Chinese community awareness, promote common guarding the frontier of the motherland, the people of all ethnic groups together to create a better life, let the national unity of the times of Guangxi.

Guangxi, promising prospects. Standing in the history of the development of Guangxi new starting point, we must more closely unite around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, adhere to the socialist ideology Chinese characteristics of Xi Jinping new era as guidance, adhere to good, improve and implement the system of regional ethnic autonomy, and resolutely fulfill the mission of the new three position ", thoroughly" five solid "new requirements, don't forget the heart, remember our mission, be enthusiastic and press on, as good as good, struggling to write a new era of Guangxi magnificent Huazhang, make greater contribution to the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China dream!

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