The documentary "we walk together" sparked heated debate

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Newspaper reporter Liu Yang

In December 2018 06, 05:50 source: People's daily

By the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Central Radio and television CO produced 18 episode TV documentary "we have walked together to reform and opening up 40th anniversary" in December 2nd in the two sets of CCTV integrated channel broadcast every day. The historical change to 40 years of reform and opening up has made historic achievements and the basis of selecting the story changes in China's economic and social fields, showing the great practice of reform and opening up 40 years China.

The documentary shows the 107 typical reform story, the crew interviewed 183 reform witnesses, participator and witness, also mining a large number of historical materials, with 40 years of age songs, film and television works strung a section of the reform era. As of late December 5th, has aired 8 episodes, 40 years were the focus of ideological emancipation, the "three rural" of the great historical changes, Chinese active open doors rapid integration into the world, China "going out", the reform of state-owned enterprises and the non-public sector of the economy such as the birth and development of the results of the reform process, caused the majority of the audience memories.

40 years ago, Chinese active open doors, from the rapid integration into the world, making strides to catch up with the times. Read third sets "open doors" in construction, Zhongjiaosihang Bureau staff recalled, "in June 1979, four air bureau the first batch of more than 400 workers have rushed to shekou. A barren stretch of silence is connected with the sea beach, the first station is our construction in Shenzhen, Shekou port. 7 1979 8, exploding hills 30 tons of explosives in the original port, this is also the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone stride forward singing militant songs. 40 years of reform and opening up, everyone is the age of participants."

The documentary also caused a lot of young audiences. Chinese mcc5 group "80" staff Li Jie said, "as the state-owned enterprises, we should be more closely follow the pace of reform and opening up, the theme of the times and personal struggle together, for the Chinese dream to contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation own strength." Group "90" staff Jia Bing said, after seen the documentary the greatest feeling is that the reform and opening up has been proved, with hard work to speak.

Railway equipment Party Secretary and chairman Tan Shunhui had seen the documentary said: "our current tunneling machine products have been exported to 16 countries and regions. Through technological innovation, we enhance the quality of products, to provide customers with professional services, from the "catch-up" and the world's top manufacturers to compete, "and become a runner.". As long as we believe that the pace of reform and opening up unchanged, insist on innovation unchanged, we will go better, go more stable."

China Telecom organized about 36 thousand cadres and workers to watch a documentary, we said that the reform and opening up the grain filling bag, enrich the food basket, but also to let the people's pocketbook drum up, a pioneer of reform and opening Yong forefront, exciting fields, release the boundless vitality.

China Southern Power Grid to Australia third channel transmission in Australia third builder Zhong Wanguo transmission channel No. 2 well site to watch the film. He said, "the documentary let everyone know the country's development and change, we will make unremitting efforts to provide a safer and more stable and more clean electricity to the compatriots in Macao."

"People's Daily" (06 December 2018 04 Edition)
(commissioning editor: Bai Yu)