The national power investment: strengthen the overseas enterprises and risk prevention and control

In December 2018 06, 08:25 source: Chinese Discipline Inspection Report

The day before, the National Power Investment Corporation Party discipline inspection group issued the "opinions" to strengthen the implementation of overseas enterprises and risk prevention and control, adhere to the problem oriented, pitching cage system, focus on the strategy of "going out" in Polish "clean power investment" name card.

In recent years, the national power investment to accelerate the going out pace, and actively participate in the construction of The Belt and Road ". With overseas investment areas and business areas of increased breadth, practitioners of diversification, the proportion of overseas state-owned assets increased, how to effectively strengthen the overseas enterprises and risk prevention and control, the overall security of security and increasing the value of state-owned assets, has become a major issue in front of group company. At the beginning of this year, Party discipline inspection group to carry out the deployment of overseas projects and risk prevention and control work in the whole system, highlighting the key positions and key areas, focus on investment decision-making, authorization management, due diligence, assets evaluation, financial management, material procurement, intermediary intermediary fees management selection and other key areas and key links, a comprehensive investigation of offshore project and risk and the organization of company of group of overseas companies, overseas project of clean risk prevention and control, the establishment of overseas project and risk database.

At the same time, focus on key minority, to organize overseas enterprises supervision, discipline inspection and supervision departments and audit group company internal control department has 3 batches of Shanghai electric power company, Malta power company overseas hydropower company, Pacific Power International Headquarters and other units of the party organization construction, clean and honest leadership, power operation mechanism, enterprises and risk prevention and control of special supervision and inspection, the problems of enact change, registered to the rectification and reform, promote the establishment of long-term mechanism.

In addition, Party discipline inspection group to increase overseas employees daily supervision, strict foreign personnel especially the main person responsible for the political, honest, honest to establish overseas personnel archives. Make full use of information technology, timely organize overseas learning to convey the new spirit of the new requirements of the Party Central Committee, to strengthen overseas staff of the ideological and political education and honesty education. To promote the strength of supervision to strengthen the supervision of the main responsibility for overseas extension, the business sector, in accordance with the supervision into the post, into the business, into the management requirements, strengthen the dynamic supervision, to ensure that the activities carried out to where the overseas investment, business supervision will extend to where. Strengthen the audit supervision, through on-site inspection, the overseas investment decision-making, the use of funds, risk investment and operation management to carry out special audit, strengthen economic responsibility audit of foreign leaders. (the national power investment party discipline inspection group)

(commissioning editor: Shao Fan (Intern), Wang Zhengqi)