Li Keqiang chaired the first meeting of the leading group of national science and technology

In December 2018 06, from 21:23: The Xinhua News Agency

Li Keqiang chaired the first meeting of the leading group of national science and technology emphasis

Deepen reform more to stimulate social creativity

Better play the scientific and technological innovation to support the leading role in the development

Han attended

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, December 6th December 6, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, premier of the State Council, the national science and technology group leader Li Keqiang chaired the first plenary session of the national leading group for science and technology, planning and research of national science and technology development strategy to promote the innovation of open cooperation, implement scientific research institutions and personnel to give greater autonomy policy.

Vice Premier of the State Council, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Han Zheng attended.

Li Keqiang pointed out that innovation is related to the fate of nation. Of the party since eighteen, with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the Party Central Committee and the strong leadership, the implementation of the new concept of development of the country, further implementation of innovation driven development strategy, the development of science and technology has made a major breakthrough in many areas, social innovation and creativity of great burst, scientific and technological progress and new kinetic energy to form a huge boost to the economy the development of. The new round of technological revolution and the industrial revolution the situation is getting better and better, our country is in a critical period of economic transformation and upgrading, facing opportunities, difficulties and challenges, to enhance the economic strength and competitiveness based on innovation, give full play to our human resources is rich, the domestic application of huge market and other advantages, greater efforts to promote scientific and technological innovation, promote high quality the development of.

Li Keqiang said, the strategic layout of scientific and technological innovation to better integrate into the national overall development, modernization oriented, focus on breakthrough key technology, cultivation and growth of new energy, promote the depth of technology and economic integration. Basic research is the source of the scientific system, to increase the long-term stability of support for basic research, guide enterprises and society to increase investment, highlighting the "hard technology" research, efforts to get more original results. Perfect innovation mechanism, adhere to corporate body, market leading, encourage research by joint innovation, support leading enterprises to lead major science and technology projects, and expand international cooperation channels to promote innovation of science and technology innovation, breakthroughs and achievements. Innovation platform, the new R & D institutions such as Internet platform and industrial development of science and technology resource sharing, support the line of medium and small enterprises, financing innovation, further promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, promote the "double" level, to promote the industry jumped.

Li Keqiang said, in order to deepen the reform of science and technology, greater efforts to protect intellectual property rights, and create a good ecological innovation. Respect for the law, respect for scientific research personnel, further emancipate the productive forces. To earnestly carry out the scientific research institutions and personnel to give greater autonomy, scientific research project evaluation, scientific research personnel incentive policies. On the aspect of project management, technical route decision-making, budget transfers, income distribution has been the transformation policy, the relevant departments should by combing, clear responsibility, to ensure the full cash.

Li Keqiang stressed the need to vigorously carry forward the spirit of scientists, researchers are encouraged to devote to studying, creating more opportunities for young people to grow up, to help solve the menace from the rear. To strengthen the construction of scientific integrity, avoid impetuous, severely punished against research misconduct of morality and ethics, the pursuit of excellence, create a rigorous academic atmosphere.

Li Keqiang, member of national science and technology leading group unit to the socialist ideology Chinese characteristics of Xi Jinping new era for guidance, and implement the spirit of the party's nineteen, carefully plan the reform of science and technology development, strengthen coordination, pay close attention to the implementation of the policy and major task to promote, mobilize the community of science and technology related to all aspects of power, make unremitting efforts for the construction of an innovative country.

Sun Chunlan, Liu He, Battelle, He Lifeng attended the meeting.

(commissioning editor Yue Hongbin and Cao Kun)